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The First Huggable Vibroacoustic Speaker for Anxiety Relief

COVID is not the only global epidemic. Mental health challenges have reached epidemic levels for people of all ages. Solace is a natural way to calm your mind. Hold it against your body while soothing low frequency music vibrations soothe your soul.

Ancient traditions recognized vibration and sound as an important method for returning to balance and healing.

More and more of us than ever before are suffering from stress and anxiety. We need better tools to help provide us relief. Better tools to help you relax. A tool that is affordable, effective, and is natural. The Solace Vibroacoustic Speaker is that tool.

Soft HUGGABLE Body Conforming Shape

What is Solace?

Solace is a natural way to calm your body and mind. Like the purring of a cat, vibroacoustic therapy passes low frequency vibrations through the body to help you relax. Use this as part of your morning routine, while going to sleep, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, when you’re having anxiety, or when you’re relaxed- truly anytime.

How it Works

Connect your device using Bluetooth to the Solace. Select your own music or use the Solace app and choose from a wide selection of vibroacoustic music, meditation music, healing tones, binaural beats and even a cat’s purr. Then layback, relax, give it a hug and feel the vibes.

Here are the four major benefits of the Solace blanket:

Anxiety Relief

Natural, affordable, easy to use, and effective.

Meditate Better

Get centered and grounded quickly while meditating.

Better Sleep

Lose yourself in soothing sound vibrations.

Pure Relaxation

The music vibrations and tones just feel so nice.

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