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The Finest Discord Bots For Your Server

Discord which was launched in 2015, for individuals to easily communicate while doing other activities. Discord is used largely by gamers, they can create a server where they can communicate and play games simultaneously. Discord allows its users to establish a server that includes unique voice commands and texts. This also allows you to generate a typical discussion with others, for this a user can create a defined chat room channel where anyone can join and keep their views. As discord has gained a lot of attention in recent years, the service has ensured that it gives smooth flow to its users such as high quality and low latency voice which allows streamers from various platforms to operate swiftly. 

Discord’s algorithm is way simpler and very straightforward unlike other social media apps which are a little complex. One can use discord from any device by just logging in their account. It is available both in Android and IOS. The main purpose of it is to communicate amongst users. For this one doesn’t require a high end device or computer, but this absolutely needs a fantastic Microphone and finest webcam to interact swiftly without any hassle. Discord is a widely used application and to one’s benefit it is a freeware. 

Let’s look at Discord bots, which may automate your tasks on discord servers with a few simple commands. 

Discord already offers a lot of useful features, but when you add bots to the mixture, it really comes back to life. From automated notifications and song requests to complete text-based games you can play within your chat room, these third-party applications might bring a bunch of additional functionalities to your server. We’ve highlighted a few useful and entertaining bots for discord here. 

  1. Dank Memer – Who doesn’t like to have a good time and make their server a place to laugh? If you’re looking for a fun vibe on discord, you should consider Dank memer adding up to your bot list. The best aspect about this bot is that it lets you inject a meme in the middle of the discussion and everyone can share a laugh or two. Individuals can speculate or steal money from other users using the Dank Memer’s monetary system. The money may then be used to purchase merchandise from the meme store or to participate in an internet game. Your server will be more entertaining with the Dank Memer bot. One should definitely give it a try to see whether it works with your Discord community. 
  1. MEE6 –

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MEE6 is a bot that automates activities such as delivering welcome messages. To restrict and ban people who continuously spam website links and ads on your server, you can give tailored instructions and it will do the thing. This allows you to assign different roles to users and enables you to send messages individually through direct messages or just in the specific channel. To climb higher on the rank table and earn modular leaderboard rewards to brag their faithfulness. Such a thing is known as rival levelling system. You can also kick users fully or partially depending on the conditions you have applied. Any user who receives three violations, for example, could well be timed out for 30 minutes. MEE6 is one of the greatest moderating bots available. It is unquestionably worthwhile to deploy. In short, MEE6 can be considered as an all-rounder tool or bot which can perform so many tasks with ease. 

  1. – The name itself says the details about this bot. is a bot that helps the user to set up a customer service-like platform. One must be thinking why Discord channels need customer support services? Although discord is a stage for gamers and streamers, it has evolved around and can accommodate every business in the marketplace. You may use this bot to tag certain forums and servers in order to get the ticket in front of the appropriate individuals. One of its benefits is that your workers might categorize tickets and dismiss them once the issues raised by your customers have been resolved. This also allows you to modify commands and messages which the visitors can utilise and seek. It’s one of those solutions that can improve the efficiency of your customer care department. 
  1. Probot – 

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ProBot functions similarly to other moderating programmes, but it concentrates on customising welcome messages. It enables you to customise the atmosphere of your Discord server for new users. It also offers additional capabilities, such as kicking unpleasant people or preventing them from submitting anything that violates your rules. It can also be used as commands to help you calm down your  members. Members of the server can be muted, monotonous  messages can be eradicated, and users can be cautioned if they use unacceptable words. Because the consequences are configurable, you have total power over what occurs when the rules are broken. 

  1. Simple Poll – Simple Poll is a prominent Discord poll bot that allows you to build a variety of polls with just a few pages of text. This is useful in a variety of situations, such as polling your colleagues on what to eat for dinner or asking your Streaming followers which game they’d want to watch on your show. 
  1. Epic RPG – Can you imagine playing entertaining games through texts? Discord bots can do that for you and that bot is known as Epic RPG. Merely typing commands in your text channel offers a complete role-playing game experience, including the ability to create a character, explore dungeons and dragons, mortal kombat and much more. This is a must have bot to add to your bot list. 
  1. Community Hubs – 

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This bot’s primary aim is to assist you in communicating with other servers. It is quite useful for anyone who wants to communicate information across several channels. It is the best option if you wish to connect with someone on a separate channel. 

  1. Double Counter – Double Counter distinguishes itself from other Discord moderation solutions by preventing users from entering your server using multiple accounts. It validates new users and checks their IP addresses to see if they have multiple accounts. As a result, if a user gets expelled from the server, he or she will not be able to re-join using another account. You’ll need a bot like Double Counter to keep folks in line if you’ve had problems with people flooding your Discord server with several accounts.