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The casino promotions for new players that you have to try

If you take a look at a random betting website, you may notice that it pays special attention to its new players. Since the majority of people who punt online don’t do it regularly, online casinos rely heavily on gaining new users. That’s why it may seem as if they pay way more attention to the new signees compared to those who already have an account.

In order to improve their betting platforms and make them more attractive, online casinos do all sorts of things. For example, they often try to use intriguing colors, provide clients with special games, and even allow them to download and install a mobile app for Android and iOS. Needless to say, some operators also focus heavily on their promo section and offer newly-registered users plenty of things to choose from. Here are some of the few casino promos that new players will have access to.

Bonus Cash and Free Spins following your first deposit

Even though this welcome promotion might not seem that exciting on paper, it is definitely one of the best bonuses you can get after registering at an online casino. After visiting Betenemy, you can review these melbet casino promotions available for new customers, and you will notice that one of them offers the bonus cash and free spins. If you wish to put it to the test, you need to enter a special promo code while registering and make a total of five deposits.

Since some online bettors probably won’t want to make multiple transactions after signing up, you can find many online casinos that give their welcome promos following the first transaction. While it is true that the amount is not as impressive as in the example above, you don’t need to spend that much money.

As for the prizes, the bonus cash can be used while playing different kinds of casino games. Since these welcome promos also include free spins (which can only be used on slots), you have to play other things using the bonus funds. For example, some online casinos may allow you to use the reward for live casino games or blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

No Deposit Bonuses

Many users are happy when they have the opportunity to use loads of bonus cash and free spins. Yet, after you check these Melber casino promotions from Betenemy, you will see that all of them require a deposit. Since not everyone likes making a transaction just to get a specific bonus, some online casinos decided it’s high time to offer a no deposit bonus.

As their name suggests, these offers do not demand new users to make a transaction. Instead, they have other conditions to abide by, such as following the casino’s Facebook page or downloading an app. Of course, the things you can get from a no deposit bonus are not as special as those from the welcome reward. Moreover, these proposals are known for their high wagering requirements, so you have to use them several times before withdrawing the prize.

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