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The Biggest Esports Trends Of 2022

It is incredible to see the continuous rise of esports as they become more and more popular all around the world each year. As a relatively new industry, esports is continuously going through change with new games, technologies, and industry developments. This means that it can be hard to keep pace with all of the latest trends and developments, even for current esports fans. With this in mind, this post will look at a few of the biggest esports trends in 2022 and how they are shaping the industry. Keep reading to discover the biggest esports in 2022 and what they mean for the future.

The Emergence Of Lifestyle Brands

One of the most notable trends in esports is the emergence of lifestyle brands. Esports teams are slowly starting to expand outside of video gaming and emerging as lifestyle brands that are used in other areas of life. Many esports teams are now expanding into music, skateboarding, and even traditional sports like basketball. This allows teams to diversify their revenue stream, attract new followers from around the world and take esports to new heights.

Team Merchandise

Following this, you are also starting to see esports merchandise sell as much as traditional sports merchandise. It is a commonplace to see people walking around in their favorite basketball jersey, but you are now also seeing people wearing esports t-shirts, and this is seeing the lines between esports and traditional sports start to blend. This is as esports slowly gains recognition, and people are starting to see esports as any other sport.

Mobile Esports

One trend that everyone could see coming and is now coming into prominence is the rise of mobile esports. Esports have been dominated by PC and console titles for many years, but mobile gaming has exploded in popularity in recent times, and now mobile esports are a major trend that has been helped by 5G making mobile games more stable.

Cryptocurrency Betting

Esports betting has been a massive market for a long time and is one of the reasons why esports has become so popular. Games and esports enthusiasts are tech-savvy, so it is no surprise that cryptocurrency betting in esports is growing in popularity and is one of the biggest esports trends to watch in 2022. Platforms offer DOTA 2 live betting with crypto in a safe and easy-to-use experience for crypto betting.

Women In Esports

Esports has been dominated by men for a number of years, but there is a growing number of women in esports, which is fantastic to see in a world (slowly) tackling patriarchy. This includes female players, fans, marketers, and other industry professionals. Much like traditional sports, esports is becoming more equal, but there is still a lot more work to be done.

These are a few of the biggest esports trends to keep an eye on in 2022. It is an exciting time in the industry, and there are constantly new developments and trends that are shaping esports and contributing to its rise in popularity. 

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