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Most new iPhone users might know that they’ll need HEIC to JPG converter if they want to share their images on other devices or social media networks. If you received HEIC files and didn’t have an app that supports this image format, you’ll need a reliable HEIC to JPG converter to view these files. Since most devices and operating systems have native support for JPG format, viewing and editing them is easy.

You’ll find out more about the troublesome HEIC format, how, and why you should convert it to JPG in the following. Also, there are various reasons why you should use online tools versus apps.

What is HEIC or HEIF file format?

To avoid confusion, the first thing you should know is what HEIC or HEIF file extension is. Their connection is that HEIC is a container for HEIF files, which can be images or image sequences. HEIC is a synonym for High Efficiency Image Format HEIC, and it more than surpasses its name expectations. Not only does HEIC can reduce file size to half with the maintained quality compared to JPG, but also it supports 16-bit color depth compared to JPGs 8-bit. That means that HEIC can keep up with the newest camera hardware capabilities and provide rich color tones.

Even though MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) created HEIC format to be a successor to JPG / JPEG, there is still the incompatibility with web browsers, social media networks, operating systems, etc. That is why it is essential to know which devices and platforms provide support for HEIC photos.

Which operating systems and apps support HEIC format?

Apple made the first push to replace JPG with HEIC in 2017 when they made HEIC the default image format on their iOS 11 and Mac OS High Sierra. Even though HEIC has native support on iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices, other major platforms and tools didn’t support this format right away.

So far, operating systems that supported this format are Android Pie and newer releases, and also Windows 10 provides opening HEIC files with their default image app Photos.

To edit HEIC files is easy because there are not that many image processing apps that can open them, such as default Windows Photo ViewerGIMP, Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop, etc. From the collected information, we can say that HEIC is far from replacing JPG from its place as a standard image format you can open and edit on most devices. Also, this is the reason for having on hand great free online HEIC to JPG converter.   

About JPG file format

Joint Photographic Experts Group introduced the JPG format in 1992, and it is still the most recognizable image format. Most people will list JPG as the number one image format, even though there are many other more optimized image formats with better compression, size to quality ratio, etc.

Because JPG files have compression that can reduce up to ten times file size without much effect on image quality, JPG was and still is the most used image format worldwide. With the constant increase of the camera resolution, JPG files have become considerably larger regardless of the compression. That is one of the reasons Apple decided to introduce HEIC on their devices. Also, to save storage space and provide a new image format that can keep up with camera hardware development.

Why should you use HEIC to JPG converter?

Considering all things mentioned about HEIC and JPG format, it seems unreasonable to use HEIC to JPG converter. However, there are several reasons why you still might need it.

Even though HEIC image format is the default option when taking photos on the iPhone or iPad, there is also an option to take images in JPG format. If you continue using HEIC files, you’ll save storage space at the cost of compatibility issues.  

The only way you can have memory space, quality, and compatibility is if you use HEIC to JPG converter. Converting your files to JPG, you will ensure sharing your images on the web and social media networks, transferring your digital photos to other devices, using any image processing app for photo editing, etc.

It is important to choose the best tool for HEIC to JPG conversion because some online tools can considerably increase file size after conversion to JPG or rotate converted images without reason. Also, the installation of third-party apps can lead to significant security issues. That is why our recommendation is to use an online tool that is reliable and safe such as jpgheic.com.

How to convert HEIC to JPG file format online?

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Converting HEIC to JPG file format with an online tool is simple and easy. If you use a free online tool such as jpgheic.com, then your conversion process will take just a few moments. First, you need to upload your files to the website and start conversion with one click on the button. After a few moments, your conversion will finish, and your download link will be on the same page.

This website’s user interface is intuitive, and you have instructions on the website for a quick conversion process. You can use this free online HEIC to JPG converter for an unlimited number of daily conversions without registering with your e-mail or any other personal information.

Advantages and disadvantages of free online HEIC to JPG converter

The online-based tool allows you universal accessibility on all devices that support web browsers instead of apps that may or may not work on your operating system.

With jpgheic.com, you don’t have registration or installation of any kind. The premium service for all users is entirely free and accessible on any device with a browser and Internet connection. While some apps offer advanced conversion settings, they are often expensive and require access to your personal information; this online tool won’t cost you a dime.

To summarize, the benefits of using free online HEIC to JPG converter include:

  • 100% FREE limitless daily conversions;
  • No waiting period between conversions;
  • Easy access and availability on all operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, Android, etc.;
  • No third-party app installation required or e-mail registration;
  • Supported multiple files conversions (up to 5 files at once);
  • Preserved EXIF data after conversion;
  • Keeping the original photo resolution;
  • Safe and fast conversions;
  • Download link available directly on the website.

The disadvantage of using an online tool is that you have to have an Internet connection to use it, and some apps you can use while you’re offline.


HEIC format has more advanced compression compared to JPG file format, and it has better support for camera hardware. However, a better balance of file size and image quality isn’t enough to compensate for compatibility issues that the HEIC format has. JPG image format is still the most used and supported on image manipulation apps, web, etc.

Even though Apple popularized the HEIC format with an introduction to iOS 11, other significant platforms still need time to provide support for this format. That is why iPhone users can choose between taking photos in high efficiency (HEIC) or most compatible (JPG) file format.  

If you have HEIC files, you need to view or edit, you can use a free online jpgheic.com converter to convert them to JPG. This conversion is necessary because of compatibility issues and lack of support for HEIC format on most image processing apps, web, etc.

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