Tips on Taking Better Care of your Smartphone

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In recent years our phones have become more and more essential in our lives. A lot of us never seem to have the things out of our hands, and if we misplace it, we are lost without it and have that sense of panic infiltrate us. Our phones are full of private and sensitive data, which help us run our everyday lives. Indeed many professionals have their business contact loaded onto their phones. As time goes onwards, phones are probably going to become ever more a permanent feature in their hands. So, that means we all need to learn how to take much better care of our phones to prevent something untoward from happening to it. No one wants a broken phone, which not only and that they have lost some of their data, but it means that they are going to have a fork out a fortune on a new phone. Something that is not ideal, especially if we are on a financial budget. So, let’s take a look at some great ways we can take better care of our phones.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, tips on taking better care of your smartphone, how to

How Will you Use it?

Not all phones are created equal, so you need to decide how you are going to use the phone before you purchase a new one. Perhaps you are someone who talks on the phone for hours on end, or maybe you prefer using it to take videos and pictures, or maybe you are a gamer and need something with fast processing to get the most out of it. How you use the phone will have an effect on storage and battery, you may also need to decide on the specs suitable for your type of usage. However, if you want your phone to last a long time, then you are far better off getting something that is suitable for your needs. Many new phones will probably require a micro sim, so you may not be able to use your current sim, so ensure you get your new sim for free a few days before buying your new phone, so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive.   

A Phone Case

Maybe you used to be averse to the idea of getting a phone case. This could be for many reasons, such as you couldn’t find a case to suit your tastes, or maybe you found them too cumbersome and didn’t like to use it. Well, today, there is a vast range of cases to suit every personality and style. All you need to do is search for one. If you are the type of person to drop your phone, and even the most careful people do this on occasion too, there is nothing better than having a phone case to prevent them from breaking, or the screen smashing. A smashed screen is not a cheap or convenient item to replace either, so it makes sense to have a phone case. Also, some cases are great to store credit cards, etc., too. So think about your preferences and go from there.

Use a Screen Protector

A screen protector is a great idea, especially if you are dead set against a phone case. It just offs that bit of extra security. If you do drop it a screen protector can definitely hold the phone together and prevent the screen from smashing. Additionally, it also protects your phone against the screen getting all the usual scratches and scrapes. Scratches can definitely affect the usability of the phone and may mean you have to clean it far more regularly. This can be both annoying and inconvenient, especially when you are in a hurry. When you stick on the screen protector, just be sure that the screen is perfectly clean and dry, with no dust anywhere, and ensure you layer on the protector cautiously to avoid air bubbles.   

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

If you want your phone to get damaged quickly, then expose it to extreme heat or cold. Do not leave it on the side next to where you are using your hob, for example. Extreme heat can warp the plastic and ruining your phone. Additionally, if it is a very hot or cold day, ensure that your phone is protected. 

Avoid Moisture

Another thing you need to pay particular attention to is moisture. So, it probably is not a good idea to take your phone into the bathroom when you are having a shower, for example. Also, this is another reason to not have your phone near your cooking too. Moisture can seep into the phone and start destroying the insides. If you get it too wet all in one go, it will probably stop working altogether, and no amount of time dunking it inside a bag of rice will save it.   

Regular Cleaning 

Getting into a good regular cleaning habit is essential maintenance for your phone. By doing this, you will ensure that your phone works well into the future. Blow out any dust and particles from the inlets, i.e., the earphone and power slots. Open up your case and use a soft cleaning cloth with an appropriate cleaning agent to wipe over the exterior of your home. By doing this, not only are you wiping the phone free from minute particles of dust, but you are also removing bacteria and preventing this building up and causing issues down the line. You could also use the rice trick. Immersing it ins rice as part of your regular maintenance will allow any tiny pieces of moisture to be absorbed. Obviously, clean with a cloth, etc., after you have performed this step.

Be Careful Where you Put it When you Go Out 

There are some good places to put your phone when you leave your house and some awful. Your back jeans pocket may seem like a great idea, but it can easily fall out or get stolen. Also, if you have other things like money or keys in your back pocket, your phone is bound to get a few bumps along the way. Similarly, if you dump it in your handbag, it is likely to come up against the same bumps and bruises. So, you are far better having a designated spot that is only for your phone. This is especially good if you do not have a phone case. Gents, if you do not have a bag, maybe you need to use inside jacket pockets.

Be Careful with Downloads

You need to be very vigilant when it comes to downloading software for your phone. Whatever you do, do not download anything untrusted. In the same way, you would, with your P.C., be aware of phishing scams in your emails or other sources of potential malware. There are plenty of untrustworthy sites, too, so be careful. The last thing you want is to download on ransom software. Apps from the Play store are generally considered safe as Google has great security measures. However, that is not to aya that everything is safe. Just ensure you stay conscious that anything could cause harm.  

Sort Out Your Apps

It is always a good idea to check your apps every once in a while. Ensure you uninstall anything that you no longer use. Also, remove all the apps the manufacturer installed so that your memory is not clogged up with useless things. With the apps you do use, update them regularly so that you are benefiting from the newest versions. Newer versions of apps generally have better features and are safer too. It may even be a good idea to download a few security apps which can help protect your data. 


Storage is a bone of contention for many phone users. Someone will often have to choose between deleting that video or their favorite app. But the fact of the matter is, storage does not have to be such an issue, even if the storage in your phone is pretty minimal. You always have options. First, you can use the Cloud, which is a great source of storage, you have a free allowance but you can always buy more. You can get some external storage such as an external hard drive, or probably one of the most popular ways is to get a huge memory card for your phone. It is possible to get a 1 T.B. memory card, so that should last a long time. 

Your Battery

Batteries are the lifeline of your phone, and always running out of battery when you need it the most can be extremely frustrating. So, to avoid your battery becoming less effective, it is important that you charge it optimally. What this means is usually keeping the phone above 40% charged, avoiding it draining down into the single digits, therefore charging it more often. Occasionally you need to turn your phone off completely. Letting it have some time in the dark, it is great for the battery as it gives it a bit of a break. You also need to let the phone completely drain down to switch itself off too. This only needs to be done once every few months or so.    

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