Why you shouldn’t believe that ‘rise of skywalker’ reddit thread

Why You Shouldn’t Believe that ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Reddit Thread

There is so much information out there, and sometimes it’s really difficult to discern what is the truth and what isn’t. It’s especially tricky when people who are crafty and well-informed (or know their way around various fandoms) know what to do to get something out there that will grab the attention of readers everywhere….

‘star wars: the rise of skywalker’ and the redemption of ben solo

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ and the Redemption of Ben Solo

The trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX was just released and fans everywhere were in a frenzy. There was so much packed into the teaser trailer, and although it was pretty ambiguous, it showed a lot more than any of us could have imagined for the first teaser trailer for this movie. If you haven’t…