‘twin peaks: the return’ – after 27 years, david lynch’s cult hit is back

‘Twin Peaks: The Return’ – After 27 years, David Lynch’s Cult Hit is Back

Twin Peaks: The Return premiered May 21 on Showtime and received nothing short of a standing ovation from fans and critics. Season three picks up right where season two left off. Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is waiting in the red themed Black Lodge. Other familiar faces make appearances in the first two episodes that premiered….

Showtime and michael c. Hall both open to a “dexter” spin-off or sequel

Showtime And Michael C. Hall Both Open To A “Dexter” Spin-Off Or Sequel

Like fans of so many shows, fans of Showtime hit “Dexter” often debate where the long-running series should have ended. One thing that most agree on, though, is that the place where the show’s finale left the titular Dexter Morgan—mercy-killing his brain-dead sister Deb, turning over custody of his beloved son Harrison to his serial…