‘firefly’ alums hit nycc with reunion panel and new web series ‘con man’

‘Firefly’ Alums Hit NYCC with Reunion Panel and New Web Series ‘Con Man’

It’s no secret that the titles, characters, and games that are popular at comic conventions aren’t necessarily the same as what the general public is into. Never is this more evident than when you see the reaction the stars of Firefly and Serenity get when they enter a room full of their faithful convention fans….

Firefly fans rejoice: qmx and sparkplug are developing a firefly mmo

Firefly Fans Rejoice: QMx And Sparkplug Are Developing A Firefly MMO

You heard that right, Browncoats. Quantum Mechanix, a studio well known for making show-quality prop-replicas and maquettes for Firefly fans and Sparkplug Games, an independent game developer experienced with producing games for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC platforms, are collaborating under Fox to release Firefly Online this summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y364b2Hcq7I Find a Ship, Find a Crew, Keep Flying…