Retro game review: marathon

Retro Game Review: Marathon

The Credo of Marathon: Move fast  Seize the initiative  Wield superior firepower Dive into the melee  Anticipate enemy movements  Slaughter the defenseless  Endure Back before Bungie hit it off with the first Halo and became a household name, it was a little known company that made a variety of games almost exclusively for the Macintosh….

Review: mercenary kings – a retro inspired blast!

Review: Mercenary Kings – A Retro Inspired Blast!

With the recent influx of indie developed games, classic 8-bit and 16-bit creations have been making a resurgence. While side scrollers have never gone out of style it’s been a while since I can remember seeing something that closely resembled the Neo-Geo classic, Metal Slug. This is where Mercenary Kings comes in. It’s a fast-paced…