Review: mario kart 8 (wii u)

Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Gameplay Ever since the Mario Kart franchise first came out, the gameplay has always been something that has made the titles usually stand out head and shoulders among other “racing” type games. Nintendo’s most recent serving of Karting action doesn’t stray too far away from that formula…in fact, it is one of the better versions….

Grid 2 first impressions

GRID 2 First Impressions

Few franchises have been as consistently strong as the GRID series. It started out as the TOCA Touring Cars series on PS1, producing one of the best racing games that console ever saw in TOCA 2 Touring Cars. It had a wobbly PS2 debut with TOCA Race Driver, featuring a laughably stupid Days of Thunder-esque…