The ‘king’s man’ at nycc: prequel film takes ‘kingsmen’ franchise to early 1900s

The ‘King’s Man’ at NYCC: Prequel Film Takes ‘Kingsmen’ Franchise to Early 1900s

While some panels at New York Comic Con advertised big celebrity appearances, the 20th Century Fox film panel just listed the two films they would be talking about. Even so, the big crowd of fans was not disappointed when the stars turned out in force. The Fox panel’s second half had Ryan Reynolds and co….

September movie preview: a chill in the air and a scare in the theater

September Movie Preview: A Chill in the Air and a Scare in the Theater

On the money side of things, this summer was a major dud at the box office. But there were still some titles that had fans willing to break out their wallets. Just apparently not enough of them. This September movie lineup is pretty similar. There are a few that will do well. Some look promising…