The week in geek entertainment – links – 08-17-2017

The Week in Geek Entertainment – Links – 08-17-2017

Catch up on an entire week’s worth of the latest geek news right here.   One-Punch Man season 2 special announcement trailer. –Geek Tyrant Alyssa Milano’s thoughts on that Charmed reboot and whether she will make an appearance. –Syfy Ursula K. Le Guin’s Nine Lives is getting a movie adaptation. And there’s more where that came from….

4 characters that can improve the marvel cinematic universe diversity

4 Characters That Can Improve the Marvel Cinematic Universe Diversity

Let’s take a jump aboard the controversial band wagon today. In recent months we’ve seen dramatic movements in terms of portraying diversity among our heroic and villainous ranks. Thor’s a woman, Captain America’s black. The Mandarin resembled an American Jihadist and Aquaman is now…Hawaiian (I think). Now I’m game as long as the content, or…