October movie preview: popcorn and pumpkins

October Movie Preview: Popcorn and Pumpkins

Every year when fall comes around, and Halloween is approaching, I have a certain image in my mind of how the October movie list should look. Horror flicks, fun animated spookiness or essentially the collected works of Tim Burton. Inevitably that doesn’t happen. But all things considered, this year’s October movies are a pretty festive bunch….

April movie preview: snap into spring

April Movie Preview: Snap into Spring

It’s that age-old battle between comic book juggernauts. Once again Marvel and DC slug it out. This time it’s with their latest big screen titles. But it’s definitely not a fair fight. DC launches Shazam!, the quirky action comedy that is basically the superhero equivalent to Tom Hanks’ Big. While Marvel unleashes the behemoth, Avengers:…

Ok dc, i’ll bite

Ok DC, I’ll Bite

(Possible Spoilers Ahead) DC thought that they would be able to reverse the Marvel formula by starting their franchise with their all-star ensemble, the Justice League. It wasn’t an entirely bad idea. The characters are known well enough around the world that they wouldn’t need their own films to introduce them like characters in the…