June movie preview: fire and shades for summer

June Movie Preview: Fire and Shades for Summer

Now this looks like a month of summer movies. We have sequels, remakes and reboots represented on the list. June movies take on comic books, sci fi, horror and everything in between. If franchise films aren’t your cup of tea, then maybe this isn’t your month. But count me in! Here’s our June movie preview….

Marvel madness: trailer breakdowns and anticipations

Marvel Madness: Trailer Breakdowns and Anticipations

Trailer Time! Howdy fellow geeks! Today we take a look at some trailers for upcoming big event movies in the MCU and broader Marvel movie-verse. After this month’s fantastic Captain Marvel, the hype is ever-building for the next forays into the comic book realm. Our trailer breakdown docket: Spider-Man: Far From Home, Avengers: Endgame, and…

The week in geek entertainment news september 28 2018 – links

The Week in Geek Entertainment News September 28 2018 – Links

Robert Englund will reprise his Freddy Kruger role on a Halloween episode of The Goldbergs. –Geek Tyrant How will The Big Bang Theory end? Showrunner drops spoilers. –Comicbook.com The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel gets poster release showing a clunky, new title. –Screen Crush Latest X-Men film gets less clunky title. –Comic Book Resource…