Terre des hommes: digital rendering of young girl catches internet predator

Terre Des Hommes: Digital Rendering of Young Girl Catches Internet Predator

It’s been three years since the cancellation of NBC’s To Catch A Predator, a reality TV-style documentary series that followed an anti-crime organization called Perverted Justice. Each episode featured members of the organization using the anonymity of internet chat rooms to fish out out predators who sought to use them to meet and exploit minors….

Youth cites “dexter” as inspiration for murder that he committed

Youth Cites “Dexter” As Inspiration For Murder That He Committed

Youth violence has unfortunately become a common headliner in modern news coverage. Last January proved no different for British news consumers, who opened their newspapers, turned on their televisions, and checked their favorite websites to see the face of Steven Miles. Dexter Inspired Murder? Miles, a 16-year-old whom his peers noted for his odd behavior,…

Dna test unveils the true identity of jack the ripper

DNA Test Unveils The True Identity of Jack The Ripper

Perhaps one of the most famous mysteries of the Western world has been solved. The notorious “Jack the Ripper,” a serial killer who stalked the dark streets of London’s Whitechapel area in search of potential victims in the 1880s, has been unveiled via DNA testing as Aaron Kosminski, A Polish immigrate who was committed to…