Student Attendance Tracker App: Novel Approach

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The rapid development of technology has taken over the world in the past years. We use it in our personal day-to-day lives and various scientific sectors. For instance, the education field already extensively uses and benefits from various technological inventions. From conference calls and social media to multimedia and gamified learning, there are numerous ways we’ve included technology in the classroom.

However, we can do a lot more to engage the students and enrich the learning environment — new devices, gadgets, and apps are invented every day. A recent technological contribution to the education system comes in the form of student attendance tracker apps. This article will discuss these apps, how they work, and why they are useful.

What Are Student Attendance Tracker Apps?

Student attendance tracker apps represent software designed to monitor student attendance. The system works as a result of communication between the application and the database located on a remote server. When installed on a mobile device, the app connects to the remote server using a LAN or WLAN and enters or collects the information from the database. So, data is not stored on any user mobile devices.

How Do Student Attendance Tracker Apps Work?

Using student attendance tracker apps is very simple. While there are small differences in how the apps work depending on their developer companies, most of them are similarly configured. We will explain how they function overall, but you can check one out and compare its features to what this section discusses. We suggest you start with one of the best student attendance tracker app by campusM to better understand.

Such apps use the app manager, which is an administration tool based in the central web, to take care of attendance monitoring. They connect to the class schedule, take note of the events, and create separate interfaces for the teacher and the students. So, both groups can use the app. Naturally, it also depends on whether, and if, their educational institution has chosen such a validation system. 

Apps can offer several types of validation systems. For example, some might allow taking attendance based on the students’ IP ranges or geolocations. Certain systems require that the students use the native app to check-in, while others allow them to check-in using their desktop computer. The latter is only possible if the app has a web version. Moreover, some apps allow both the students and the teachers to track the students’ attendance. The teaching staff can do it instead of the students or along with them. The institution chooses the validation systems depending on the organization and classes in question.

Besides checking in, the apps typically provide the students with 24/7 access to their attendance records and offer other useful tools. For example, a student attendance tracker app can have a feature related to events notifications. So, students can receive up to three, or sometimes more, notifications per event (class). 

The notifications can be pushed at different times, depending on their purpose. So, the students can receive a reminder for the upcoming lecture and/or activities that class will entail minutes or hours before the said class begins.

How Useful Are Student Attendance Tracker Apps?

The fact that students’ attendance is incredibly important for their overall success in school is supported by multiple studies. So, educational authorities have made it one of their goals to make this school obligation easier for them. 

Student attendance tracker apps provide a simple and quick way to check-in and track class attendance regardless of whether you’re a teacher, student, or even the student’s parent. They don’t require a lot of hardware — all you have to have is your phone. 

You can also get notifications about your upcoming classes, stay on top of your or your students’ schoolwork, customize lateness alerts, and much more. The app can make both the students’ and the teachers’ jobs a lot more straightforward, give them a better insight into their or their students’ performance, and better the institution’s attendance rates on the whole.

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