Stop the Stress and Invest in the Top 50 Cryptocurrencies Easily with SwissOne Capital’s Smart Index Crypto Strategy

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Spend any amount of time on the internet these days and you’re bound to run into the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The absolute dearth of news — while at first exciting — can quickly turn to confusion as your desire to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies grows. 

This is because there’s one big thing that keeps even savvy investors from diving into crypto: signing up for wallets and exchanges to access the multitude of cryptocurrencies available — not just Bitcoin. This is a time-consuming, painful process, and often requires coding-level technical knowledge.  

Fortunately, solutions to this are out there. One of the premiere in the world is SwissOne Capital AG’s Smart Index Crypto Strategy. Starting from as low as €1,000 to qualified investors, the Smart Index Crypto Strategy resolves the challenges of crypto investing seamlessly. This crypto strategy certificate is the first of its kind to capitalize on the Top 50 performing cryptocurrencies, offering easy market access and digital asset storage compared to individual currencies, exchanges, decentralized finance (DeFi) and other platforms.

Kenneth Hearn, Fund Manager & Head of Research at SwissOne Capital explains more, “I decided to apply my skills to the crypto space but quickly realised it was impossible to know who the winners were likely to be especially when I mostly didn’t know what I didn’t know.”

Hearn decided to look to the past for a strategy on how to engage cryptocurrencies, “I decided to focus on the bubble and asked what could I have done at the peak of market and still made good returns. Turns out, if you bought the Top 50 companies and 90% went to zero you still would have made a CAGR of 14% p.a. and that was the lightbulb moment. Amazon was ranked 36th and had you gone for the top 10 or 20 you would have missed out big time. One needs a lot of depth into this crypto market with a smart strategy that keeps on allocating more capital to the winners!”

His point: people get into cryptocurrencies and digital assets because it can provide significant returns, but to even attempt to get those significant returns, you can’t just concentrate on one or two cryptocurrencies. You have to have knowledge and experience, and you have to work with all of the best-performing assets.

What is SwissOne Capital’s Smart Index Crypto Strategy?

“A well-diversified portfolio is a key requirement for investing in crypto.” Hearn reiterates. “The top 10 or 20 won’t do it. There is still too much concentration risk while the market is still very immature. Our index fund is ‘smart’ in that it rebalances on a quarterly basis, ensuring capital is constantly allocated to the winning cryptocurrencies while the losers drop out.”

Essentially, SwissOne Capital’s seasoned team has carefully constructed and tested trading parameters to achieve a largely equally-weighted portfolio of assets with smart rebalancing and allocation rules that produces superior returns by over-weighting strong performing digital assets. Passively determined by market forces, it encompasses 50 of the top ranked crypto-based decentralized projects to gain exposure to the vast return potential of cryptocurrencies.

How Much Do You Need to Invest in the Smart Index Crypto Strategy?

SwissOne Capital recognized that high prices and fluctuation can often stop new investors from engaging in crypto trading and investing, so the Smart Index Crypto Strategy starts at an affordable €1,000 for qualified investors in their territories. This is a first-ever, and an accessible entrypoint into the world of cryptocurrency investments. 

And investing in the quarterly-updated Top 50 cryptocurrencies all at once strikes an excellent balance between market accessibility and possible profitability.

What About Security to Users of the Smart Index Crypto Strategy?

Investing with SwissOne Capital  means that investors go through FCA regulated service providers. This ensures the custody over your crypto assets is no different than investing in any traditional fund structure. Switzerland’s top crypto storage provider — Crypto Storage AG, controlled by Crypto Finance AG — secures digital assets in “cold storage” completely out of reach of bad actors.

This means user assets are protected by institutional-grade security via multi-signature authorization required for all transactions, and all private keys are secured within custom-developed, redundant Hardware Security Modules. SwissOne Capital has made sure security is done right with your investments.

Why Should You Get Started With Diversified Crypto Investing?

Kenneth Hearn — with over 13 years experience in Fund Management, Equity Research and Analysis — had this to say about why investing in cryptocurrencies is worth serious consideration:

“Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade now. There are people who have valuable experience in this space, as well as hybridizing their experience in more traditional finance. Finding trusted sources and starting places in the cryptoeconomy can be a challenge, but beginning your investing with small amounts (that you’re not afraid to lose) as you begin your learning journey in crypto is a great way to go.”

In order to benefit from SwissOne Capital’s Smart Index Crypto Strategy, you can simply fill out the fund information form on their website or reach out to them for a quick consultation. From there, SwissOne Capital’s concierge service will guide you towards the next step of your crypto trading and investment journey.

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