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SmartGrip Helps Golfers Get a Grip

Being Geek Insider, we love when new tech makes life better and as such, we get a lot of emails regarding product releases but not all of them make it to print here. However, as a former avid golfer, SmartGrip is one that caught my attention and made me wish it was around when I was playing because it discreetly connects to your golf glove to instantly improve ball striking on the course. Which means more distance and control – instantly.

SmartGrip uses patent-pending orientation technology to reinforce the use of what is commonly known in golf as a “strong” grip position, which has proven to dramatically help correct a majority of swing issues, including ball contact, slicing, distance, and consistency. Since SmartGrip is small and discreet, there is no more fumbling around with big, bulky equipment, or trying to remember what you were doing on the range before your round.

SmartGrip was initially designed to seamlessly connect with any Q-Mark compatible golf glove to accomplish this as quickly as possible. It powers on as soon as it snaps onto the glove using a small magnet, and a small green LED will illuminate once you are in the “strong” grip position letting you know the grip is correct.

Habits are hard to break. And in golf, they can often take years and thousands of dollars to correct. SmartGrip accelerates this learning curve because it works anywhere (indoors and outdoors) and provides you with consistent feedback on every swing during your round.

SmartGrip is especially great for youth players and those new to the game! It’s critical to develop proper grip position techniques before they become a bad habit that’s harder to break later on.

It is currently live on Indiegogo:



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