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Restore your Filament with Just a Push of a Button with Hex°

Simple and Effective – It literally works with just a single button. No complicated settings or interface. 

Built with Science – Powerful setup can dehumidify the chamber in only 10 minutes with minimum power consumption. 

Maximize strength and quality – Perfect prints avoid time consuming post processing treatments.

Why Hex°?

Something that actually works with the push of a single button.

We designed Hex° to be as simple as possible because restoring your filament is actually a simple process. The only goal in mind is: GET THE WATER/HUMIDITY OUT.

Presets? More like a primadonna.

Since you cant over dry filament (unless you melt it), presets are useless and confusing. Wouldn’t it be much easier to push a button and not worry about it?


True 360° Convection

The body of Hex° is not only cool but designed to enable all around moisture extraction by convection process.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, restore your filament with just a push of a button with hex°, business

Powerful Fan

A fan pushes the heated air around and around, giving every part of the filament their fair share of heat, resulting in an evenly dried end product.

Interior LED

A blue LED can readily turn on and off to show off your 3D setup. Gets the job done and also looks super, so you can brag a little. (Oh, and you can see your filament, but who cares other than if it looks cool )

Energy Efficient.

Every bit of energy is used for the drying process and almost nothing else. Plus, Hex° will automatically lower power consumption after the first drying cycle, ensuring moisture is out of the filament while being environmental friendly. 

Not all ideas are created equally. 

THETA° designed Hex° to perform only one function, dehydrate.  No fancy screen and exaggerating heating elements making the best use of 48W. No screen, no extra functions, no wasted electricity.

Built with Science.

Data acquired with Arduino UNO R3 with DHT11 Sensor in FULL POWER MODE 

  •  [48Wh Consumption] [10 ~ 12 hour span]
  • [75% Auto Energy Reduction after the first cycle: 36Wh Continuous Power Consumption]
  • Tested in the toughest environment [ Humid summer in New England ] 
  • For Commercial, data is gathered to illustrate the wrong feedback when the temperature is recorded near the heated plate.  
  • For Hex°, the temperature is recorded from the middle of the chamber for a real average temperature throughout the chamber.
  • DATA demonstrating Heat without forced convection provides accurate results in poor extraction of moisture, even if the filament is in close proximity to the heat source. 

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