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Reasons to Pursue Cisco Certbolt CCNA Certification

by Matt

When people discuss IT certificates, the conversation is always based on the job prospects, salary considerations, and certification benefits. But we can all agree that all three factors require some form of commitment. Obviously, these aspects are interlinked and there is no income growth without better job opportunities. Also, no certification benefits go without new employment opportunities. So, what are the perks of attaining the Cisco CCNA certification? For starters, it’s all about getting their first-ever role in IT. But for veterans, the emphasis will be on continued growth and promotion at the workplace. Thus, let’s see the Certbolt CCNA certification benefits on a global landscape. 

Why Opt to Take CCNA Exam?

The Cisco CCNA and its associated test coded 200-301 provide the skills and experience you need to take on more advanced jobs around IT technologies and one of the reasons you will want to obtain it is to refresh your resume. The next section addresses more of these benefits:

  • Enhance Your Networking Skills

One of the biggest reasons many candidates choose the Cisco CCNA program is to enhance their knowledge base. Many IT specialists are aware of the fact learning never stops and in a highly dynamic field such as information technology, it takes courage and dedication to keep updated skills. The Cisco CCNA certificate arms you with the credentials you need to solve emerging issues, maintain your skills, and support your company without the pressure of possessing outdated skills. 

  • Opens Multiple Paths for Career Growth

The CCNA puts you ahead of the pack as far as new career opportunities are involved. With this training, you will have a myriad of career options spanning multiple industries. As you strive to add more skills to your resume, your visibility will automatically improve, and with increased marketability comes more responsibilities and a chance to test yourself among the industry’s top dogs. Besides, getting the CCNA certificate is a sure way to get a promotion in any company. Senior network engineers, network engineers, systems engineers, network administrators, and systems administrators will agree that the new Cisco CCNA is an ace up your sleeve when you want a new role in IT. 

  • Improve Your Salary Potential

Recently, it has been reported that the average annual salary for a ExamSnap CCNA 200-301 certified network engineer is $75k per year as covered by Payscale.com. Similarly, the annual wages for Cisco CCNA certified systems engineers is also almost $75k and this figure can reach the heights of $109k per annum as rendered by the same salary provider. By and large, the Cisco CCNA certification validates that you have a specific level of knowledge that’s unmatchable by your colleagues without this training. And it shouldn’t be surprising that many recruiters will be willing to double your salaries to get your services. 


To conclude, preparing for and passing the Cisco 200-301 exam and attaining the Cisco CCNA certification is easier if you have some experience working with IT technologies and use the right study materials. If you can implement new strategies and demonstrate your expertise in working with the current technologies, you will have done enough to land your first role in IT. Good luck with your prep journey.

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