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Real Money Games That You Can Play On Your Smartwatch

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, real money games that you can play on your smartwatch, gaming

It may still only be relatively recently since smartwatches arrived on the tech scene, but uptake of gadgets such as Google Glass and the iWatch has been impressive. Although still used mainly as an accessory for convenience when tethered to a smartphone, slowly but surely apps are being developed that are specifically designed for use with these little devices. As might well be expected, the online gaming industry doesn’t tend to miss a trick when it comes to making use of new technologies and formats, and signs are that we can expect plenty of games in the very near future.

Finding Smartwatch Compatible Games

As mentioned above this style of gaming is still in its early stages and only a small proportion of games are currently compatible to be enjoyed on smartwatches. By far and away the most forward thinking company developing multi-device games is Microgaming, and anyone looking to play their games on their wrist would be well advised to open an account with a casino that uses their software.

The good news is that many of the best casinos already use Microgaming to power their games, with an excellent example being All Jackpots Online Casino. This operator really goes the extra mile in ensuring that their clients can enjoy all of their games on PC, tablet, smartphone and now also smartwatch – with the experience optimized for each device.

One of the best features of taking your business to a site that uses Microgaming is there’s no shortage of games to enjoy. At last count they had developed over 500 titles ranging from casino classics through to big budget movie and sports tie-ins, all with the seamless quality and production values that would be expected from an industry leader. Take a look at the huge number of online casino games available at for an idea of what Microgaming has to offer.

Playing Games On A Smartwatch

As you’d expect, playing a game on as small a device as an Apple Watch has required a degree of streamlining to make the experience practical, yet truth be told it holds up really well as an alternative to playing on a phone. Microgaming is still in the process of making some of their collection of games playable on smartwatches, but all recent releases are 100% compatible for playing via this method.

At time of writing, slots are by far the most popular kind of game to be found compatible with a smartwatch, with the watch display being limited to the reels, account balance and a simple staking/spin button. What it may lack compared to the more graphically sophisticated smartphone versions it makes up for with sheer convenience, being intuitive to enjoy and ensuring that you’ll always have your favorite game quite literally on you. It’s easy to use, compact and also very discreet.

Available Games

You can expect that all of the main production houses will be releasing their premium licensed games to be smartwatch compatible, and at present most of the games that have been configured for use with a smartwatch understandably tend to be the most popular. In regards to Microgaming, their incredibly popular Thunderstruck is by far the most commonly played slots style game that is also played on the wrist, with other high-profile games such as The Dark Knight also receiving an upgrade.

There’s going to be plenty more games available in the very near future, something that will only improve as smartwatch technology becomes more powerful. However, in the meantime, it’s exciting times for anyone who likes to take their gaming with them as they go about their day, and a great utilization of this fast-moving and exciting young technology.

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