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Reading Trends to Make Literature Interactive in 2022

In 2022, people are still like reading. But their focus has shifted to interactive literature, which promises more convenient and delightful time spending.

Reading books is something you can do at home. If you spend a lot of time on the go, carrying a book in your bag isn’t the best option. People get used to comfort in everything. A reading habit doesn’t make an exception here.

In 2021, almost 1 billion people are reading books online. And this number keeps growing. No wonder the use of special platforms like BookNet has become incredibly popular. Over 100,000 stories written in many languages are shared every day by predominantly young readers. Apart from reading, people can also benefit from bookmarking, sharing, and commenting.

Using an online platform for reading purposes gives you a lot of opportunities. You get great access to different genres of books, from romance to thriller. Some of them are available for money. But many of them are known as libros gratis para leer, which allows you to make a free download. This is a perfect option for a social-media-dominated world where people prefer quick bites, images, and video over complex introspection.

The impact of digital “social reading” is changing the way we enjoy literature. Not only can publishers and writers track how books are perceived by the audience, but readers can also respond to the texts online in real-time. This offers authors fast feedback as to how their work is landing. For example, E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, created her series of books as an adult response to Twilight. It became incredibly popular among readers due to the author’s active participation on online reading platforms.

Studying the reader-oriented platform BookNet has more than 80 million readers and writers from around the world. The local exchange is estimated at the level of 100,000 stories written in over 10 languages every day. This is an impressive amount of literature being processed online.

The patterns in reading behavior on BookNet are quite obvious. The platform encourages affective interaction between readers. Commenters are more likely to discuss their feelings about the local texts. When reading classic stories, the theme of social-cognitive interaction became dominant. Moreover, a reader who enjoys reading the first story on the platform usually jumps into reading the next one on the very same day.

On BookNet, you will find a lot of unique comments that contain some nice ideas and thoughts from readers. This kind of indirect communication will let you learn various opinions on this or that book. It can be reinterpreted and remixed. In fact, it might help you decide on which book to choose for reading. Interestingly, this trend refers to oral storytelling, when griots and corrido singers were sharing the recent news with others.

The emotional and intellectual role of storytelling in modern society can hardly be exaggerated. We can’t deny the fact that print books might soon go the way of dinosaurs. Even though we like touching a hardcover and turning pages of old classics, we start keeping books as souvenirs or elements of décor. Just look at the history of vinyl records. Being popular once, they have become nothing but a fun item to keep on the shelf.

In the most optimistic scenario, print books have another 10-20 years until they disappear from the shelves in the bookstores. Meanwhile, more and more people will be exploring the perks given by online reading platforms like BookNet. The number of unique users will double up by the end of 2025.

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