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Pros and Cons- Playing Online Video Games Vs. Playing Online Slot Games

Online video games are different from online slot games. With online video games, you can either choose to play one-player games or multi-player, where you enter a virtual world and assume an online character, referred to as an avatar.

People play video games to earn virtual goods and money or interact with other players to solve a mystery. You can also choose to play video games against a computer. Players can request a level they are comfortable playing and so, they can play against other players playing the same level.

On the other hand, you don’t need to compete against anyone while playing online slots. It is a game of luck, where you spin the reels aiming to win some cash. You can either play online slots for fun or real money. Online slots software has advanced tremendously, and now, you can play these games from your mobile devices. To do so, you can either choose instant play or download the software. Here are some pros and cons of playing online video games vs. online slot games.

Advantages of Playing Online slots

These are some of the numerous advantages of playing online slot games.

No/Low Wagering Bonuses

Many online slots come with no/low wagering casino bonuses for both new and existing players. These bonuses help players withdraw their winnings quickly as they don’t have to meet a high playthrough requirement. With no wagering bonuses, you can claim your winning instantly without having to wait until you meet any playthrough requirement. One such reward is free spins, which you can use on select slots.

Huge Jackpots

Progressive slots come with massive winnings in jackpots. One such title is Mega Moolah, which comes with a mega jackpot starting from $1million. Such jackpots are likely to make you a millionaire overnight.

A Vast Library of Games

Online casinos offer a wide range of slot games, ranging from simple 3-reel titles to progressive slots. All these are straightforward and fun to play as you try your luck on winning big.


Here are the cons of playing online slots.

Cash Out Problems

In some instances, withdrawing your winnings can be a daunting task. Firstly, you need to meet the minimum amount before you can cash-out, and the process can take long before you get the money in your account.

Risk of Scam

Putting your personal and financial information out on the internet exposes you to many threats, including identity theft and cybercrimes. You can avoid this by registering at a trustworthy online casino.

Advantages of Playing Video Games

There are various pros of playing online video games, including:

Improved Basic Visual Abilities

Video games can help you with improved visual contrast sensitivity, which is the ability to differentiate shades of gray. They are also known to help improve the visually impaired eyesight while helping you quickly determine the direction of movement.

Helps Improve Various Skills

Video games are believed to help people improve their hand-eye coordination, enhance their decision-making capabilities and working memory, and improve their attention span.

Better Executive Functioning

Playing video games can help you efficiently solve difficult problems. They also help you better in multitasking and improve mental flexibility, especially in older people.


Here are some of the disadvantages of playing online video games.

Risk of Addiction

Playing video games can be addictive, especially in young people, which leads to social, family, and psychological damage. Repeated playing releases dopamine which makes the body feel good and want to continue playing.


Numerous video games promote violence, which makes players end up emulating those violent traits. Playing violent games decrease self-control in players while increasing their emotional arousal. They might end up thinking that things are only solved through violence or see violent acts as rewarding.

Social Replacement

Video players create avatars online and play with other players virtually. It might make them feel more comfortable hanging out with virtual friends at the comfort of their homes. The result is people replacing their face-to-face interactions with friends.


These are some of the pros and cons of playing online slots vs. video games. Always remember that moderation is the key.


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