6 Promotional Items That Every New Business Needs

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Try as they might, most businesses find that it isn’t possible to keep their company growing by only relying on existing clients and their word-of-mouth. Promotion is immensely important nowadays – and it doesn’t just apply to posting ads or participating in events. One large factor in successful promotion is visibility, and physical items help achieve it. This article will list some of the promotional items that can be given to staff or the general public for greater promotion of your company.

1. Stationery

At first glance, branded stationery seems like a trifle – and certainly no game-changer. That is, until you consider how many sheets of branded paper tend to be distributed beyond the bounds of the company. Some forms (like Post-it notes) are especially common in the household and public areas, and will instantly bring attention to your company name and logo.

2. Notepads

Custom notepads with company branding boast both longevity and vividness. In terms of longevity, it takes weeks or months to wear out most notepads, so you get hundreds of days of engagement with your brand – even if much of it happens subconsciously.

As for vividness, just think about the typical situations where people take notes – meetings and lessons. If the material isn’t gripping, the human eye tends to wander, and what better target than a strategically placed logo on the notepad of a fellow note-taker?

3. Pens

Among the most affordable items that you can buy and get branded, so it’s no surprise to see how popular pens have become. In terms of increasing brand awareness, pens are often lent out or gifted as a trifle, so your opportunity to have new people learn about your company name, and perhaps dig a bit deeper.

4. Clothing

T-shirts and sweatshirts are the most common types of branded clothing, though some companies expand their inventory to jackets, ponchos, sweaters, etc. Getting your brand image on clothes isn’t as simple as other items, given how much bending and washing they go through – but choosing the right shape, ink, and print process can go a long way toward ensuring that the design stays on for years.

5. Product samples

If your company makes a product, the easiest kind of item to give away is the product itself, since you don’t need to rely on any external vendors or suppliers. And if your company provides a service, it’s possible that the gift could be a gateway to that service – given through a gift card or something similar. Naturally, some services are very niche in nature and might not be interesting or useful to an average employee.

6. Snacks

Chocolates, cookies, and other snacks are a great universal choice for corporate gifts – both for employees and those outside of your company. Since you probably won’t have the desire or resources to establish your own assembly line of candy, the go-to approach here is to buy an existing snack and put your branding on top of it. Think about a sticker on some chips or a personalized note wrapped around some gum.

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