5 geeky tips for surviving a boring class

5 Geeky Tips For Surviving A Boring Class

Everyone’s been in one of those classes: the teacher or professor reads straight from the textbook, offering no new information to keep you engaged or necessitate note-taking. Their irritating, monotone voice manages to suck the remaining life out of the already dry material, and their lifeless eyes make you glad you’re not going into teaching….

Five professionals who would be more productive using a mechanical keyboard

Five Professionals Who Would Be More Productive Using A Mechanical Keyboard

Most professionals spend about 2000 hours a year working on a computer. When technology surpasses it’s capabilities, you upgrade your motherboard, your RAM, but you may not consider the effect your input devices can contribute to your efficiency. Cheap, membrane-based keyboards may not cost much, but they could be costing you your job. Here are…

Lenovo’s y510p and y410p “haswell” gaming laptop gets huge discounts

Lenovo’s Y510p and Y410p “Haswell” Gaming Laptop Gets Huge Discounts

Last month on June 4th Lenovo equipped two new PCs with the latest and greatest 4th generation Intel “Haswell” processor: the 15.6-inch Y510p and smaller 14-inch Y410p gaming laptops. These are ultimately replacements for their old 3rd gen “Ivy Bridge” equipped Y500 and Y400 machines that have been a popular choice among buyers looking for…

Know whats below with delta’s interactive ‘glass bottom jet’ app feature

Know Whats Below With Delta’s Interactive ‘Glass Bottom Jet’ App Feature

As crappy an experience as flying has become recently due to airport chaos, baggage restrictions, and, of course, those ubiquitous TSA pat downs that leave you feeling somewhat violated, there is a new bright spot on the horizon that could make your trip way more fun than usual, even if there is a TSA agent…