Top apps for writers to create written works on the go

Top Apps for Writers to Create Written Works on the Go

In today’s digital world, it seems almost unnecessary to carry around a traditional journal and pen for writers. With the following apps for writers, you’ll never miss a beat as you create your written works on the go with your iPad, iPhone, or even MacBook! Editorial (iPad) – $4.99 Editorial is a plain text editor…

Sponsored post: gorilla glass redefines how much trauma your phone can take

Sponsored Post: Gorilla Glass Redefines How Much Trauma Your Phone Can Take

The world is cruel and heart-wrenching at times. Mere twists of fate tear your precious, fragile phone from your hands and it toss it to the ground, causing it to shatter…just like your dreams… Even worse is when the gorillas do it to you… Salvation! But there is one thing that can protect you! No,…

4 lifehacks to make school easier – geek insider fyi

4 Lifehacks to Make School Easier – Geek Insider FYI

You’ve checked out our four lifehacks for general internet use, but let’s get specific and help the students out there in internet land. School is hard enough. Geek Insider knows that, so we found four lifehacks that can help you out. Research Online Faster and Easier Google is awesome but can sometimes be clogged with…

Geeky deal of the day: universal lens kit (65% off)

Geeky Deal of the Day: Universal Lens Kit (65% Off)

Everyday presents you with endless opportunities to capture those moments to remember.   The times when you meet up with old friends and family members, weekend getaways, vacations, or just those postcard-type scenic images.  Capture all of it and more without having to carry an expensive SLR camera, with this Universal Lens Kit for your phone….

10 reasons why building your own pc is the way to go

10 Reasons Why Building Your Own PC Is The Way To Go

We computer-dwelling folk often weigh convenience over value when it comes to our beloved electronics. Parents groan when their kids point out (again) that the family PC can barely handle five year old games, and underemployed youth cringe at the price tag of gaming desktops that costs more than several months of rent. Many don’t…