7 reasons to load linux on your old computer

7 Reasons to Load Linux on Your Old Computer

You won’t realize Linux power unless you try it out. The operating system is no longer the underdog reserved for servers and disliked for its unsuitability for PCs. A few years ago, the Linux interface itself seemed too complex for the average user. Things have now changed drastically.  Numerous updates and improvements on the Linux…

The best cheap phones

The Best Cheap Phones

Now the Christmas season is over, and probably you went a bit mental and spent all your savings or unfortunately dropped your phone. Well, never mind because, in 2022, you’ve got a tiny choice of budget-friendly smartphones that are well worth seeking out. From Motorola, Oppo, Nokia, among many other slick, shiny offers boasting brilliant…

Top tech gadgets and accessories for your desk and home

Top Tech Gadgets and Accessories for Your Desk and Home

If you’re a researcher, a student, or just a PC fanatic, you need the best gadgets and accessories for your home desk. The top tech gadgets and accessories highlighted below promote comfort on your home desk while enhancing interaction with your machine.  Smart Universal Remote Control This device is available in black and white and…

Tips to make the remote working experience better for employees

Tips To Make The Remote Working Experience Better For Employees

Remote working became an inseparable part of our lives in the last two years as covid-19 ravaged economies, took away lives, and forced people to stay inside their homes to ensure their safety. Now, as the restrictions have been eased and offices are reopening, the remote work culture is here to stay as a part…

Top 5 tips for proofreading business text

Top 5 Tips For Proofreading Business Text

Business communication in any medium is essential no matter what kind of business you’re running. It’s a part of your daily business process that’s overlooked sometimes. It’s essential to give attention to it because it can impact the clients’ perception of your brand. Communication tools like emails, short messaging services (SMS), or business text can…

Managing stress today will improve your career tomorrow

Managing Stress Today Will Improve Your Career Tomorrow

America is a fantastic country when it comes to economic opportunities. However, that often comes hand in hand with huge personal pressure; a poll conducted by Gallup shows that 57% of US workers experience chronic stress. For many people, having a successful work life and climbing the career ladder is important, and with that often…

How to use busuu

How to Use Busuu

Busuu is a complimentary online application that allows you to study language from your computer and mobile phone. In essence, the Busuu interface is broadly communicative and may be used in tandem with an online self-study program and a comprehensive classroom course. Currently, the Busuu app comprises a collection of languages with high-quality study materials….

2021’s best bluetooth trackers

2021’s Best Bluetooth Trackers

A Bluetooth tracker helps you locate items on a map through your smartphone. The trackers have sensors and beacon technology that transmits information to your Bluetooth-enabled device for easy interaction and location-based searching. Simply attach the Bluetooth tracker to any of your items and track their whereabouts.  The high demand for these trackers means you’re…

5 incredible products for the perfect ergonomic desk setup

5 Incredible Products for the Perfect Ergonomic Desk Setup

Whether you’re a gamer or simply working from home full-time, chances are pretty good that you spend a lot of time at your desk. Unfortunately, as you probably know all-too-well, those long hours often result in back and neck aches but it can even lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  Furthermore, there have been studies…

6 must-haves in a financial management software application

6 Must-haves in a Financial Management Software Application

Financial management has become one of the top priorities for numerous businesses as well as the working class of the world. Not only does it help balance the sheets for companies, but also helps individuals cater to their expenses based on their earnings, savings, and expenditures over the course of each month.  For someone who…