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Online Blackjack Strategies: Some Important Move Tips You Should Know

There are some online blackjack moves that could turn an average hand into a much better hand. It is very important how the so-called “soft hands”, or hands include an ace play. In the case of a soft 17, i.e. a hand consisting of an ace and a six, it is worth drawing cards in blackjack card games. Such a move will significantly increase the chance of getting a perfect hand with a higher value.

For other soft hands below 17, it is also a good idea to draw cards as there is a good chance of improving your hand and increasing your cards’ value. In the case of soft 18, some players no longer draw cards, but they can be easily drawn in this case or even doubled. When it comes to doubling up, it makes sense to do so if the dealer has an 8, 9 or 10.

Now we will play blackjack hands over 12 that do not include aces. If we have a hand with a value from 12 to 16, and the value of the dealer’s cards is from 2 to 6, then you should not draw cards and stick to your hand. The chance that the dealer will get a hand with a higher value than ours with a hand that is so small at the start is quite small, although it still exists. If you have a hand from 12 to 16 and the dealer’s hand is 7 or higher, it is a good idea to draw a card. 

In this case, the dealer has a fairly good chance of getting a hand that will be higher than ours, so now it is better to draw a card than stick to the base hand. In the case of a hand with a value of 17 or higher, we do not draw cards. The easiest way is to hold to your cards. This value is already quite large, and matching is just an unnecessary risk. In many cases, the draw would exceed the value of 21, and thus a loss.

Using the double-up option is a very important skill for any online blackjack player. However, you need to know when it is worth using this option and when not – not all situations are favorable for such playing. It is worth doubling the rate when: 

  • the value of cards in our soft hand, i.e. one that includes an ace, is 13 or 14, and the dealer has 5 or 6,
  • the value of cards in our soft hand, i.e. one that includes an ace, is 15 or 16, and the dealer has 4, 5 or 6,
  • the value of cards in our soft hand, i.e. which includes an ace, is 17 or 18, and the dealer has cards with a value from 3 to 6,
  • the value of our cards is 9, and the dealer has cards with a value from 2 to 8,
  • Our card’s value is 10, and the dealer has 9 cards or fewer; the value of your card is 11, and thus the dealer will have a 10 or ace card.

Online blackjack strategy FAQ’s

Do I have to tip the dealer?

There is no requirement to inform the dealer. If you’ve played online Blackjack for real money in some of the best casino sites, and would like to tip the dealer, you can do so. However, never feel obligated to leave a tip, especially if you’ve lost money. A tip is a sweet, voluntary move; everyone should choose to leave it for themselves.

Do breaks in the Blackjack online game have a terrible effect on concentration? 

Taking short breaks shouldn’t affect your concentration. It may even help. If we stay at the table for too long, we will get tired or lose our attention, which will result in our blackjack game on a much lower level. So occasionally it’s possible to take a rest.

A 17 hand is right, so shouldn’t I also pick a soft 17 with an ace and a 6?

This is a common mistake player make. In the case of a soft 17, i.e. the one with an ace and a six, it is much better to draw cards, increasing our winning chances.

There is a new variation of online Blackjack at my local blackjack casino games; should I try to play it?

Add variety to the game is a great way to keep you entertained. However, before playing the new version of the game, it is worth knowing its rules in detail. It is also important what the house edge is in this particular variation – it is good to find out before starting the blackjack game.

I am happy when I win and very annoyed when I lose, is that normal?

There are probably no players who like to lose. However, you cannot be too emotional about it. Bear in mind we’re going to fail too. It is not worth spoiling your mood and stop using the strategy due to bad emotions, for example.

What’s the best way to learn a basic online blackjack strategy?

The easiest way is to learn about the blackjack’s basic strategy by reading about it on the Internet. However, when you learn about it, it’s really not that easy. It will be much more interesting to test the strategy in practice. All it takes is a few decks of cards, and we can learn this way.

Is Blackjack a good way to spend a fun night out?

Of course, online Blackjack is a fun way to keep things entertaining, and if you manage to win something, it will be even more fun. However, when we are intoxicated with alcohol, it is better to avoid this form of entertainment. In such a state, we will not think rationally and will probably fail.

If players are winning a lot at a given table, should I be playing at that table?

The fact that the players at a given moment have won a lot at a given table does not mean that it is a lucky table or that there is a better dealer. The chances of winning at all tables are the same.

If I lost many times in succession, may I raise my stake?

As in the case above, it also makes no sense to follow previous hands’ history when selecting your stake. Just because we’ve lost multiple times in a row doesn’t mean we’ll win or lose more hands. It does not reduce or increase the chances, so it is not worth raising the stake just for this reason.

Is it worth increasing the stake if I have won several times in a row?

It is not worth being under the illusion that we will also win the next hands if we managed to win so much in online Blackjack. This is a wrong assumption, so it is not worth raising a stake just because we won the previous hands.


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