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More than Just a Gardening Tool: Clever Uses for the Leaf Blower

At first glance, the leaf blower simply does what it says on the tin: it blows leaves. Many of us have only encountered a leaf blower as used by the council on public paths and grass-ways – a noisy, diesel-powered device that futilely shuffles debris down the path, and dust into our unsuspecting eyes. As such, buying one might not be particularly high on anyone’s list. However, there are quiet and wieldy battery-powered leaf blowers on the market, and a number of smart ways in which they could become indispensable to your home. Here are just _ of those uses:

Car Dryer and Boot-Blower

Car upkeep is part and parcel of car ownership, from frequent car washes to dusting down and clearing out the interior. A leaf-blower can actually be an incredibly useful tool in the pursuit of finishing up your car cleaning regimen, as a speedy and low-effort way to dry your car after its monthly bath. Blow-drying your car can have it road-ready in minutes, and keep the paintwork from any potential damage from direct contact in buffing dry. If you’ve recently used your car to shift messy items or debris, the leaf-blower can also come in handy as a swift means of removing dirt, saving your vacuum cleaner a tough job in the process.

Gutter Cleaner

One of the least enjoyable house maintenance jobs is that of cleaning out your home’s gutters. Everything from dead leaves to moss and even bird’s nests can find a home in your gutters, putting a halt to effective drainage and threatening your roofing and walls. Rather than spending an afternoon shuffling along the roof foot by foot, clearing debris by hand, use a battery-powered leaf-blower to simply blow the debris out. Doing this could save you half of the time you may have spent edging along your gutters.

All-Weather Pathway Clearing

While leaf-blowers are known for blowing foliage debris from lawns and pathways, their uses can extend not only to other pathway impediments, but also to all seasons. Your trusty leaf-blower can be used to clear your path of all manner of things, from standing water to waste materials from DIY such as wood and metal shavings. In the winter, your leaf-blower could also be used as a swift, low-effort way to remove snow from your path!

Home Dusting

Lastly, while this may seem unconventional, or even overkill, a leaf-blower could be used to devastating effect in dusting your home -especially hard-to-reach areas such as the tops of doorframes and awkward stair bannisters. A sweep through your home with the duster would enable you to collect all the dust from the floor instead, with a single run of the vacuum cleaner – saving you countless hours of straining and stretching with a feather boa.

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