Matthew McConaughey Pushes Back Against Liberals

McConaughey is pushing back against liberals who act as shining beacons for inclusivity while shunning the other 50%. The other 50%, meaning those that hold different views than they do.

Now, that is undoubtedly a bold stance to take for someone who works in Hollywood, a place where you would be hard-pressed to find someone that isn’t liberal.

It could easily be seen as politically incorrect in this day and era where you can quickly be branded as a pariah for saying something that would have seemed neutral or wouldn’t have ruffled any feathers in the past.

But what did McConaughey say? 

And why is it essential in this present time?

Let’s find out.

McConaughey on Being Aggressively Centric

Matthew McConaughey and Russell Brand had a public conversation online on Brand’s podcast “Under the Skin.” The podcast had several different topics, but one of them revolved around politics, liberals, and conservatives.

One of more quote-worthy statements spoken by McConaughey was that the “‘Liberal Left… Condescend, Patronize’ The Other 50 Percent” of the country.”

The actor noted how Hollywood individuals may have been shocked to see Trump take the office in 2016, which is exactly what is happening now in 2020, for the opposite side.

But we all know that it is easy to take an actor’s words out of context and make a big ruckus for nothing. You can listen to the podcast here for yourself and make your decision on the veracity of his statements.

Indeed, it does seem like the actor is saying that there needs to be empathy for those who may have voted for Trump. It is necessary to understand where they are coming from and notes and talks about the extreme views from both sides of the equation.

But Brand digs a little deeper on his podcast, and it seems as if Brand is talking about the scorn of those who may educated and with a more privileged upbringing on the working class. A class, that if we were to look at the increase in economists and financiers talking about inequality seems to be growing.

“There are a lot (of people) on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards that other 50 percent,” McConaughey said.

It was certainly seen in the 2016 election with a certain candidate calling a large portion of the American public the deplorables.

Now, McConaughey also notes that there is a simple solution. The answer is to be “aggressively centric.”

What does that mean?

That merely means that people are able to find commonality and reach across the aisle. It means that people would eschew polarization and embrace a sense of togetherness.

It surely doesn’t help when both sides continue throw oil on the fire and point out the wrongs of the other, instead of noticing the positives.

Yes, it does seem like intolerance abounds across the world. But it doesn’t have to be a lose-lose situation where intolerance continues to grow. Being aggressively centric is a fantastic solution to the current situation. We certainly have a slew of problems to overcome that range from COVID-19 to the aftermath. It will take a great deal of cooperation to overcome.



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