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Mac vs PC for Video Editing: Which Is Best for You?

by Matt

Video editing is a valuable skill that comes in handy for many different industries. Video content can spice up a web page, advertise your product, and reach people across the world through social media. But if you’re in the market for a new computer, how do you choose between a Mac vs PC for video editing?

Macbooks tend to run on the pricier side, while PCs offer a range of prices from very affordable to very expensive. However, the operating system and hardware you work with can affect how well videos process and what software is available. 

Here’s how to choose the best computer for video editing and some general video editing tips. 

Video Editing On Mac

According to multiple lists, one of the best computers to use for video editing continues to be the MacBook Pro. 

In terms of hardware, Mac computers always come with an SSD. An SSD is a solid-state drive that works much faster and more efficiently than a traditional hard drive. As such, you can load and copy video files much faster. 

Additionally, Macs come with iMovie installed, which is a free entry-level video editing application that syncs well with multiple iOS devices. Creative Cloud apps like Premiere Pro also run better on MacOS, due to it being the OS it was originally designed for. 

Video Editing On PC

Contrary to Mac, PCs don’t always come with an SSD installed. Some still use traditional hard drives due to lowered costs for the same amount of storage. However, you don’t need an SSD in order to video edit.

Windows 10 includes a free video editor, but it isn’t as well known or used as iMovie. You can always purchase and download a higher-quality video editor if you desire, such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Its performance will vary depending on the power of the computer you work on, however. 

Video Editing Guide

One of the most important video editing tips is to work on a computer suitable for video editing. These programs use a lot of RAM and storage, so make sure you have enough. 

Next, learn the different keyboard commands for whatever program you choose. It’ll save you time looking for the specific button and speed up your workflow. 

Need some quick work done but you don’t want to buy a video editor? Try out a free online video editor to make impactful video stories and motion graphics. Because they’re online, you can use them on any computer. 

Choosing Between Mac Vs PC For Video Editing

There will always be a debate between purchasing a Mac vs PC for video editing.

While Macs may perform better overall, there isn’t much flexibility in terms of price. You can video edit with a much more affordable PC as long as you’re not doing any big jobs. Online video editors also help if you rotate computers between home and work. 

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