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Times have changed, and so has the learning system. With a COVID-19 struck world, it has become a challenge to go to classes for learning. We have depended a lot on online learning tools for our education. But not all learning tools are good; some are essential, whereas others may not work well.

What does it mean by online learning tools?

Online learning tools are the necessary apps through which we learn virtually. Nowadays, students can’t go to class because of the deadly situation outside, but does that mean they will sit and home without any learning activity? They are learning virtually with some apps’ help through their devices like phone, tabs and laptops, etc.

Top learning tools

 Here is a list of top learning tools which is amazingly beneficial in virtual education-

  • Socrative- Socrative is a classroom app for fun and effective learning through highly classroom engagement. With this system, teachers can quickly evaluate student’s understanding by testing through quizzes; they can take these mini-quizzes through their laptops or tabs. These quizzes are of many types, for example, multiple-choice, short question-answer, true-false etc. The best feature about Socrative is its assessment method. Teachers do not have to spend a lot of time making quizzes as there are ready formats.
  • Scratch- Though this app is specially designed for kids age eight to sixteen, it is suitable for people of all ages. This app is a fun and straightforward way to learn to program. Students create stories, designs, animation etc. and share them online in Scratch. This app teaches students programming concepts amazingly.
  • Prezi- Prezi is cloud-based presentation software that enables you to make the presentations better, memorable, and understandable. Prezi presentation has changed the whole traditional presentation method with its beautiful and edgy canvas zooming in and out and moving side to side. Prezi is extremely popular among authors to students, everyone around the globe.
  • Google Classroom- Google Classroom is a fantastic group-based social tool for learning. Students can post a question, and teachers, as well as other students, answer. A teacher also publishes exciting questions for students to ponder over and as a do-at-home task. Students post their homework and assignments virtually through is a tool which is a really convent method for both student and teacher. Google classrooms are used with other Google tools for better learning and more incredible feedback.
  • Creately- Creately is an online or digital whiteboard that gives the students a classroom whiteboard or blackboard experience. Students and teachers use Creately as they can collaborate on the same canvas with their variety of concepts, charts, and graphs etc., that are needed for their assignments, presentation and lessons. Student and teacher can connect through app video conferencing and track the changes they make.
  • Seesaw- This web-based intuitive tool enables students to document and showcase their learning at school. Teachers and parents can also monitor the students that motivate and inspire a student to learn better.
  • Flipgrid- Flipgrid is a video conferencing tool that is a free, web-based tool in which teachers can post prompts and students respond to themselves And one another through video. When students are not bodily present in a classroom, they tend to miss one another, and they also miss class discussions. But with flipgrid, they will longer have this issue. This fun, social and exciting app lets them interact with each other easily.

An interactive display board is the best when it comes to teaching and learning. But the learning tools that are mentioned above are some of the bests to facilitate better learning virtually.

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