Largest Digital Asset Project in History, Bitcoin NFT, Has Launched

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Digital art is taking the world by storm. It has quickly turned into more than a billion dollar business and a wide variety of celebrities are stepping into this growing field. They are looking to get involved in the non-fungible token sector and add more to nouveau digital and real world culture. More well known pioneers with traditional brands and even a wide variety of popular anonymous artists are delving into this realm of art and commerce to stake their claim in the new world.

But what is NFT and why does it matter?

NFT or a non-fungible token is a digital unit that represents ownership of a certain good. It can be ownership of real estate, or art, or other rare items. The ownership of the asset is recorded on the blockchain or an immutable digital ledger. As such, you can access the details and show the world  that you have ownership of that good. This represents profound value for those that want to prove ownership of an asset in countries around the world.

At the present moment, a large portion of NFTs rest on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are various people who sold NFTs for large sums. For instance, individuals have netted over $1 million for various forms of digital art, tweets, and similar digital goods. More people are jumping into the sector becoming collectors of cryptocurrency art.

As more individuals become creators in this sector, and others become consumers and collectors, it creates a growing ecosystem of participants. This increase in participants creates more value in visibility and transaction potential. Now, it is necessary to note that NFTs are supposed to provide a new way to distribute goods directly to an audience.

More content creators are flocking to this medium because they want to participate in this art revolution. As they focus on this more relevant sector, you will note that it is not surprising to see compelling projects come out into the market. 

As noted earlier, this opens up a world of opportunities for anonymous and pseudonymous digital creators to appeal to a growing base of digital natives. 

One shining example of this is an interesting project called the Bitcoin NFT project. It is the biggest digital asset project, founded by anonymous people, 1,000 anonymous global artists who have a passion for all things crypto, blockchain, and decentralization.

 Here is what you need to know about the unique Bitcoin NFT project.

What is the Bitcoin NFT Project?


The Bitcoin NFT Project is an intriguing one as it is the largest NFT digital asset project in history. Now, that in itself is compelling. The largest NFT project in history, you ask? How so?

This NFT project offers 21 million unique Bitcoin NFTs. How about that for meta as we progress to the Metaverse? You have the opportunity to purchase the Bitcoin NFT right now with Metamask or a credit card.

That’s right, the Bitcoin NFT Project enables individuals to have a seamless way to purchase a piece of digital artwork today. You can purchase one of these magnificent digital pieces exclusively at but can sell or trade it anywhere else.

The Bitcoin NFT project seeks to explore the boundaries of art and cryptocurrency. We all know that bitcoin has been around since 2008 and has been leading the sector since then. If you had purchased the digital asset early on, you would have seen it grow over time. It would have had massive appreciation over the course of a decade. 

This tremendous level of appreciation would have provided a boost to your portfolio and your net worth. If you held on to each of these units of bitcoin, you would be pleased with the level of wealth that you have today.

The Bitcoin NFT project pays homage to the most successful digital asset in the world. It allows individuals to claim ownership of an NFT version of bitcoin. It is of course a rare opportunity as there are only 21 million unique Bitcoin NFT units that will be sold to the public. 

You get to have a digital NFT of the leading digital asset. It represents ownership of a revolution that is taking place with finance and the world of money.

The creators of the Bitcoin NFT Project know that Bitcoin is a legitimate leading asset because of what it stands for with respect to scarcity, peer to peer value exchange, and more.The leading digital asset, bitcoin, is one that has maintained itself as a significant store of value. But because of its compelling nature, it inspired a wide variety of other key assets such as Ethereum, Numerai, and other compelling projects as well.

As such, having an art representation through the NFT vehicle is a fantastic way to celebrate and commemorate this leading digital asset.

Those who are seeking to follow pioneers into this new age of NFTs would be pleased to purchase a limited Bitcoin NFT at the earliest possible opportunity. 

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and a Bitcoin NFT?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Bitcoin is the leading digital asset on the planet earth and in lower earth orbit as we have satellites in space. While a Bitcoin NFT is digital art. One is the initial form and the other is a representation of a representation of value.

What is fascinating about the Bitcoin NFT is that it can quickly bypass the regulators. It is not a digital asset in a strict definition, it is merely a form of digital art that does have value. It has value due to its inherent scarcity.

As more governments start getting antsy and look at disruption in the money supply and their control of the money supply. More individuals in the cryptocurrency sector are aware of the various movements by leaders of G-20 countries who have noted their disdain for bitcoin and other digital assets.

As such, an innovation such as an NFT, particularly an Bitcoin NFT serves as a way to preserve the value. The value is preserved because it is an art piece, it is a collectible, one out of twenty one million digital art pieces. If you had purchased the digital asset then, a $1000 investment, could have grown into billions of dollars. That would have been a small investment for many people. Indeed, it would have been a slight risk, but it would have paid off in spades. Purchase a Bitcoin NFT and take a chance on value appreciation.

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