Descend Into the Mind of Joe Dante This Saturday

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Tune in Live on Scream Factory TV this Saturday,September 3rd at 12pm PT / 3pm ET forJoe Dante’s Film InfernoOn September 3rd, legendary filmmaker Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, Innerspace) will be curating a day of monstrous mayhem from the vast list of Scream Factory titles! Watch along with an all-time horror master as he provides new intros for each pick and explains why these devilishly diabolical films are near and dear to his heart.Tune In HEREWatch Video Announcement HEREDownload Image HERESimulcast on Scream Factory TV, your home for cult horror, through the Shout! Factory TV app and Shout! Factory TV, available onmost streaming platforms. SCHEDULE
12:00pm PT Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)
1:30pm PTThe Hitch-Hiker (1953)
3:00pm PTHouse on Haunted Hill (1959)
4:30pm PTHow to Make a Monster (1958)
6:00pm PTKing of the Zombies (1941)
7:30pm PTThe Last Man on Earth (1964)
9:30pm PT The Sadist (1963)
For more information about where to find Scream Factory TV,please visit: ScreamFactoryTV.comABOUT JOE DANTEJoe Dante’s now legendary The Movie Orgy brought him to the attention of Roger Corman for whom Joe directed Piranha and co-directed Hollywood Boulevard with Allan Arkush. His solo feature credits include The Howling, the It’s A Good Life segment of Twilight Zone: The Movie,Gremlins, Explorers, The ‘Burbs, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Matinee, Small Soldiers, Looney Tunes: Back In Action, The Hole 3D, Burying The Ex and most recently a segment of the anthology film Nightmare Cinema. 
Dante’s television credits include: Amazing Stories, Twilight Zone, Police Squad!, Night Visions, Picture Windows, Runaway Daughters, The Second Civil War, CSI: New York, Masters Of Horror (Homecoming and The Screwfly Solution), Hawaii 5-0, The Witches Of East End, Salem, MacGyver, and Legends Of Tomorrow, as well as the pilots for The Osiris Chronicles and Eerie, Indiana. He also directed Netflix’s first streaming project, Splatter, an interactive horror comedy. Dante co-created and produces the film website Trailers From Hell and its spin-off podcast, The Movies That Made Me. He has been honored with awards and career retrospectives at film festivals, museums and cinematheques around the world.
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Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, descend into the mind of joe dante this saturday, entertainment
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