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It’s Time That We Control Our Own Data!

So here’s the thing, the data economy is controlled by the big tech companies that collect your data without giving you anything in return. They then turn around and pass your data around like it’s a friendly game of basketball. Just last year, big tech made $500 billion off our data – and not a single one of us saw a dime from it. 

This is all about to change with the arrival of Surf, a browser extension that rewards you for your everyday browsing. You can redeem rewards like next-gen gaming consoles, a pair of cool new sneakers, or even something as simple as your next morning’s coffee. 

Isn’t Surf just selling my data too? What makes it different from big tech?

The long term plan with Surf is to sell the data we collect but we’re going to be doing things differently. First off, we’re going to pay you for your data… no one else is doing that. Secondly, we’re going to anonymize all the data and remove all personal identifiers so your data isn’t actually linked to you.

The average internet user today feels like we don’t have much control over our own data. You either stop your data from being shared entirely, and browse without the conveniences of history and credentials – or you are met with ads on your social media that are WAY too relevant for your comfort. 

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Does this stop big tech?

Short answer: no. In order to bring change, the industry requires some heavy disruption. At Surf, we believe the first step to change is letting YOU IN ON THE ACTION. We believe every user has the right to control their own data, and it all starts with asking your permission. Through all this we want to make sure your value is valuable to you as well.

This sounds too good to be true…

We get that a lot. But in just the first two months of launching Surf publicly: over 20,000 users have joined, Surf won Product of the Day on Product Hunt, and we’ve got 250+ 5-Star chrome reviews of users saying how much they’re loving it.

You know who else would love it? 


Head on over to and add Surf to your browser for free! 

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