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It’s Hot as Balls Out There and We’ve Got 3 Ways to Help You Stay Cool 

I’ve lived in Texas my entire life but every single summer I seriously contemplate moving north… like to Alaska. We barely got into May this year before we saw 98° and since the “real” heat generally doesn’t get here until July/August, the North Pole is starting to sound good.

And of course, Texas isn’t alone in its battle against the heat.

Washington D.C. is slated to see the upper 90s this weekend and Vegas is expecting triple digits next week.

And it’s not even June yet.

As I’m extremely hot natured, I’m always on the lookout for ways to stay cooler other than keeping a fan blowing in my face 24/7 like I normally try to do. As such, I’ve ran across several things that, if you’re like me and want to stay as cool as possible, you may want to check out.

1. Speaking of “Hot as Balls”

Guys, it’s no secret that our “boys” get plenty warm no matter what the ambient temperature and of course they can get even hotter depending on the clothes we wear. 

Especially our choice of underwear.

Face it, traditional tighty-whiteys and even boxers don’t do much more than cover our stuff and keep things in place. However, over at, they have cooling underwear that is guaranteed to lower your skin’s temperature immediately and continuously. Their paradICE™ underwear has three unique cooling effects, including micro-cooling technology and brrr°® Pro micro-cooling fabric with enhanced fibers that feature concentrated cooling minerals that all combine to intensify the Triple Chill Effect®. 

Best of all, Use code COOLING15 for $15 off orders over $35 from now through 5/31 and they have a subscription service that saves you money and gets you a new pair of underwear every month.

2. Cooling Down Your Lady Parts

Shinesty hasn’t forgotten about the ladies out there either. Their new line of Women’s paradICE™ Cooling Thong Underwear & Bralettes are made with that patented brrr°® fabric and is scientifically proven to keep you 3° cooler. 

Sure, there are other products out there but many of them use chemical sprays and strange synthetics to make their underwear cool. With the paradICE™ line of underwear for women, you can rest assured that natural minerals are the things keeping you cool. 

These underwear are also“hyper wicking,” meaning that they actively pull sweat away from your body faster and they are quick drying as well so that the sweat doesn’t stay on your skin. All of which helps you feel fresh faster.

And the same deal goes for the women’s line of underwear – Use code COOLING15 for $15 off orders over $35 from now through 5/31.

3. A Quick Body Hack

Okay, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that ice is cold and can feel really nice when rubbed across your forehead. However, that’s almost always a temporary method of beating the heat. 

If you really want to cool down, try using ice on areas where your veins are closest to your skin’s surface – your neck, temples, the insides of your wrists, and your chest. This simple hack can quickly lower the temperature of your blood which in turn, can make you feel cooler overall.

You can also get products like HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Wrist Wraps that provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief, or a neoprene insulated Ice Bandana to wrap around your neck.

Cooling down specific parts of your body can have a major impact on your overall body temp and with the three ideas above, you can accomplish that a lot easier. 

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