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Is the Gambling Culture Shifting to a Gaming Culture?

When thinking about the activity of gambling from yesteryear, most people would conjure up an image of a silent poker table, stern faces glistening with sweat, devoid of emotions, casting furtive glances at one another attempting to read body language. Or rows of slot machines occupied by people performing rituals before pulling a lever as far as the eye can see, with the classic cherry symbol coming to mind. 

This is hardly what gambling looks like now, especially online gambling. Gambling is now something that can be done while sitting in the comfort of your own home; a calm, quiet environment. And since it is online, almost anyone can play, including those who were unable to travel to physical casinos before, or those who have no experience gambling. With each passing year, gambling is becoming more of a game that is accessible by anyone and can be played virtually anywhere.

Wide range of games online

Physical casinos are limited inherently by their very nature; they are physical. They take up space in the real world and as a result there can only be so many, and they can only house a certain number of games. 

This problem is not shared by online casinos. Online casinos are quite easy to establish and many have thousands of games to choose from. Take for example Casino X, they now have over 1,200 according to Japan 101. Because of this, and the almost limitless number of online casinos, there is a decreased need to leave the house and visit a physical casino. Players can find any game, developed by the best online casino game developers, with any theme they desire. If they get bored, they can easily withdraw their winnings and register to a new online casino. 

There is also a decreased need to visit physical casinos for social interaction since due to technological advancements, there are many live casinos games to be played. This allows you to interact with other players and croupiers, which you can see in HD quality as you play the game. 

Simpler games

The same amount of games found on online casinos accessed using a laptop or computer, with matching quality, are also available to be played using smartphones, meaning they can be played anywhere, not only from home. Because of this, they are designed to be easy to use and as a result they are much simpler to play. No longer do you need to memorize the rules of various games, as these are often provided on screen while playing. Because slot machine games are the most popular, online casino developers have made it incredibly easy to learn how to bet and play each game. 

Even if the game has extra levels, bonus features or additional content similar to that of a video game, they are designed to be played by anyone without experience. Additionally, since these games are online, it is incredibly easy to leave a game, do a quick search on the internet to become more familiar and then hop straight back into a game. 

Easily marketable online

Since almost every industry has moved to some sort of online platform or another, such as shopping, marketing, journalism, health services and many more, it’s no surprise that gambling has done the same. As a result, this makes online gambling more marketable as casinos have access to new means of marketing. 

This can range from online casinos paying players to make video reviews, allow for targeted marketing by having reviews written by influencers on their gambling blogs and use banner advertisements on gambling websites. The shift to an online platform gives online casinos the ability to easily generate traffic through the use of a simple link that only requires one click. 

Because gambling has moved online, it has allowed online casinos to provide thousands of different games to players looking for any kind of theme. The advancement in technology has also allowed for the need of social interaction to be taken care of by live casino games. All games available are designed to be simple as to make it possible for almost anyone to play them, even those without gambling experience. The shift to an online platform has given online casinos the ability to easily market themselves and to be discoverable by a larger audience. 

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