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Is Artificial Grass Safe for the Environment?

While many artificial turf products have the reputation of not being eco-friendly, SYNLawn® artificial grass is designed specifically to be safe for the environment. We have taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that our products live up to our environmental standards. SYNLawn® is committed to environmental sustainability and creating landscapes that support this effort to create a brighter ecological future.

So, what makes SYNLawn® artificial grass so unique to the competition? It starts with our relationship with US soy and sugar cane farmers. We have a very strong partnership with them as they understand the importance of longevity in our products. With their help, we are able to source local materials including sugar cane and soybean oil. As a result, we are able to remove substantial amounts of petroleum from our manufacturing process making our products recyclable and increasing the lifespan of our synthetic tur installations. In addition, SYNLawn® is the first company to offer the largest collection of USDA-certified products to date. Products with this certification are highlighted for containing more than 60% plant-based content in their design.

SYNLawn® synthetic turf eliminates the need for the traditional maintenance that is, in many cases, required to achieve a long-lasting beautiful lawn. This means that you will no longer spend hours trimming, mowing, weed whacking, seeding, or wasting gallons upon gallons of water each year. Customers on average cut their water bill back anywhere from 50-70% upon installation of SYNLawn® artificial turf. Additionally, our customers do their part to help the environment by significantly reducing carbon emissions that are caused by lawn equipment. 

One of the most notable eco-friendly innovations found within SYNLawn® artificial grass is our soy-based EnviroLoc™ backing system. More recently we were proud to announce the brand new EnviroLoc+™ backing system which includes an effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® that eliminates 99% of bacteria and prevents algae and fungal growth. EnviroLoc+™ is a two-part woven backing system that utilizes sugar cane in its turf fibers and soybean oil in the actual backing material. EnviroLoc+™ is designed to preserve the natural beauty and ultra-realism of our products by “locking in” turf fibers to prevent shedding and tearing, ensuring the reusability of SYNLawn® artificial turf. 

The use of synthetic turf is proven by SYNLawn® to be an effective alternative to traditional landscapes that will save you time and money on maintenance, as well as benefit the environment with its recyclable design. 

Are Synthetic Living Walls Safe for the Environment?

Much like grass alternatives, artificial living walls are a highly effective solution to real plant walls. Artificial living walls are manufactured with ultra-realistic VistaFolia® faux foliage and ivies from Greener Walls. Artificial living walls are made up of photo-realistic imitation plants that can be used in a variety of ways to make a lasting impact. Greener Walls® vertical gardens connect seamlessly in any design, guaranteeing that your artificial plant wall is truly one-of-a-kind. Vertical gardens are designed to mimic the qualities of real plants by providing accurate colors, proportions, and textures. Color box accessories allow you to add even more variation to your project and give it a unique aesthetic appearance.

Greener Walls® artificial living walls are manufactured in-house by its supplier VistaFolia® in the UK. Manufacturing in-house allows us to maintain complete quality and environmental control to ensure that environmental standards are met rather than outsourcing to China. Furthermore, our vertical plant walls only require, at the very most, a light dusting every so often to keep their incredibly life-like appearance. No more trimming, pruning, or messy irrigation systems. Artificial living walls are another great way to conserve water yearly and additionally allow you to remove fertilizing and harmful pesticides from your maintenance routine. 

Synthetic plant walls from Greener Walls® are never permanently fixed making them versatile for any placement. As a result of their longevity, they are recyclable for many years to be repurposed for other projects, homes, businesses, and more as they won’t end up in local landfills.

Both SYNLawn® and Greener Walls® offer complimentary consultations to start the installation process of their products and have decades of experience respectively innovating their industries and providing the ultimate level of satisfaction to their customers. Their dedication to environmental sustainability is changing the way we look at artificial substitutions for real greenery. Visit their websites today to see how you can provide your residential and commercial landscapes with sustainable solutions that help to save time and money on maintenance while reducing our environmental impact.

SYNLawn® of Texas and Greener Walls service all of Texas with west coast divisions servicing San Diego, Orange County, Seattle and Sacramento areas.

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