Endeavouros: arch linux made easy for everyone

EndeavourOS: Arch Linux Made EASY for Everyone

If your Arch Linux installation becomes a hassle, consider using the EndeavourOS distro. EndeavourOS’s popularity has gained pace in the recent past mainly due to its easy setup, power, and speed. Arch Linux has these characters, too, but the frustrating, manual setup makes it somewhat tricky.  EndeavourOS is the most advanced Linux system and comes…

Google vs. Sonos: how a legal battle will change the way your smart speaker works

Google vs. Sonos: How a Legal Battle Will Change the Way Your Smart Speaker Works

Users whose smart speakers feature Google Assistant are in for a shock. Recently, Google lost a lawsuit against Sonos, meaning you will have to part ways with one of the most useful functionalities in the smart speakers.  What Was the Sonos vs. Google Lawsuit All About? Sonos is popular for its impressive line of soundbars…

Do not buy an ereader yet: 6 upcoming color epaper technologies

Do NOT Buy an Ereader Yet: 6 Upcoming Color Epaper Technologies

If you want an advanced color ebook reader, wait for these technologies that seek to transform the market. Upcoming e-reader screens like TCL’s Nxtpaper and E Ink’s Advanced Color e-Paper version 2 (Gallery 4100 or ACeP v2) will enhance ebook-reading this year and beyond. Below are six incoming technologies worth waiting for to transform your…

Could the metaverse wreck your mental and physical health?

Could the Metaverse WRECK Your Mental and Physical Health?

Beware of the physical and mental toll that metaverse takes.  The dot-com boom in the 90s brought about a new “global community” concept. Now we have yet another breakthrough called the metaverse.  Microsoft and Facebook have presented a preview of what the metaverse entails. With the massive change brought about by the internet, the metaverse…

Brave vs. Duckduckgo: which is the best privacy browser for android?

Brave vs. DuckDuckGo: Which Is the Best PRIVACY Browser for Android?

There are better alternatives to Google Chrome regarding privacy-focused browsing on your Android phone. According to trends on Google Play Store, Brave and DuckDuckGo are increasingly popular choices among Android users.  So, which of these alternatives is better for private browsing for Android? What’s the difference? Below are significant differences between DuckDuckGo and Brave to…

Facebook bonus program

Facebook Bonus Program

Facebook is investing $1 billion for creators. By the end of 2022, the company is ready to distribute the said sum to creators who want to monetize their platforms. This bonus program applies to both Instagram and Facebook. The initiative encourages artists, entertainers and other content creators to create more and better content to serve…

Android apps in windows 11, microsoft edge expands, and why is nintendo closing the wii u and 3ds eshop?

Android Apps in Windows 11, Microsoft Edge Expands, and Why Is Nintendo Closing the Wii U and 3DS eShop?

This guide looks at recently released Windows 11 features, Microsoft Edge’s dominance in the browser market, and Nintendo’s latest closure and the impacts.  Run Android Apps on Windows 11 You’ll need a pretty beefy Windows 11 PC to incorporate Android Apps. Your PC should have at least 16GB of RAM. That’s not all.  Microsoft has…

7 ways the metaverse will forever change how we work

7 Ways the Metaverse Will FOREVER Change How We Work

Metaverse is taking shape rapidly, and you better be prepared.  You must have heard the term “Metaverse” before, and it’s recurring a lot lately. Although developers are yet to call it a wrap, we already have close examples of metaverse such as Decentraland, Roblox, Fortnite, and Second Life virtual worlds.  Recently, Facebook changed its official…

Google advertising impact from the apple ios14 update

Google Advertising Impact from the Apple iOS14 Update

Recent shifts in the marketing industry are prioritizing consumer privacy, and Apple and other major tech companies are changing the way they track user activity and use that data for advertising. With data breaches occurring more and more often, these changes are good news for consumers who are concerned about their personal data security. But…

9 reasons why social media is good for you

9 Reasons Why Social Media Is GOOD for You

The media has relentlessly portrayed social media badly, making users take it for granted nowadays.  You must have heard discussions on the significant time we waste when glued to these platforms. Some find social media biased and full of toxic and meaningless arguments.  All these are negativities associated with social media, but they’re all controllable….