What are residential proxies – why are they important for scraping?

What Are Residential Proxies – Why Are They Important For Scraping?

Web scraping is an area that attracts attention from website owners and the law frequently, and yet it remains legal in the EU and the US. As long as certain confidential information is not touched, and only publicly available data is mined, then scrapers will remain within the law. However, despite the practice being legal,…

The pros and cons of virtual reality for young gamers

The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Reality For Young Gamers

Virtual Reality is a technology that has been around for a while but has only recently become popular. It is the creation of a simulated environment that can be experienced by users through special eyewear or helmets. VR has many potential uses, but one of the most controversial is its impact on children and young…

Recent successful attack on linux os proves no system is completely safe

Recent Successful Attack on Linux OS Proves No System Is Completely Safe

You may assume that only new startups and small businesses are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, but the recent attack that happened to Linux, one of the leading operating systems in the world, would convince you otherwise. And of course, it makes sense that hackers would be drawn towards attacking leaders in the market since…

6 best tips to stay safe when torrenting in canada

6 Best Tips To Stay Safe When Torrenting In Canada

Torrenting is quite common in Canada. In fact, torrenting has decreased in recent years due to several torrent sites shutting down as copyright infringements. Still, many Canadians look forward to downloading digital content through these websites. However, torrenting is potentially a risky affair. It can land you in trouble if you end up downloading applications…

5 things you should know before you start gambling online

5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Gambling Online

The internet provides a world of opportunities. Not only can you find almost any information you need online, but some services let you conduct business, create new friends and even gamble from the comfort of your home. If you enjoy gambling, this is great news.  Gambling online is a great way to pass the time,…

How the internet works; facts about the internet

How the Internet Works; Facts about the Internet

There is no denying that the Internet has revolutionized humanity. It’s perhaps the greatest innovation ever created. Today, let’s explore the Internet, its pioneers, the organizations that keep it running, its present, and its future. What is the Internet? The internet is a global network of computers. So, every computer connected to the internet has…

Dr. Ryan shelton zenith labs director on why social media can lead to depression: the dangers of excessive screen time

Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Director On Why Social Media Can Lead To Depression: The Dangers of Excessive Screen Time

It’s no secret that social media can be addictive. For many people, scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feeds is a daily ritual; sometimes, it can be hard to stop. But what you may not know is that excessive screen time can lead to depression. Social media has become an integral part of our lives….

How mobile applications are fueling digital transformation

How mobile applications are fueling digital transformation

A never-ending pursuit of technological progress characterizes modern times. People have quick access to all sorts of activities, regardless of time and place. This is all thanks to smartphones and tablets, which now have become small, portable computers. Of course, there are a few things that we will do exclusively with a PC. The large…

How to find people online

How to Find People Online

There are several ways to find people online. First, you can enter the searched person’s name and last-known location into Google and check out the best matches.  Next, you can look someone up on Facebook. If you are looking to connect to a professional, you can search for them on LinkedIn.  You should visit a…

How to view instagram stories, highlights, posts, and reels anonymously

How to View Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts, and Reels Anonymously

If you tell someone you don’t have an Instagram account, we bet you’d get quite a number of head turns and jaw drops. Well, who doesn’t have one? It’s 2022! No one’s eating that burger without ‘gramming it first!  Do you hear your pals sharing an inside joke or referencing a meme and feel left…