How to pass the time when the internet is down

How to Pass the Time When the Internet is Down

The most practical way to start a zombie apocalypse is to simply take away people’s Internet. As the general population withdraws, they will exhibit symptoms like shuffling along with glazed eyes, wandering aimlessly in circles, and sudden attacks of violent aggression. The inability to function normally without the Internet is a side effect of our…

10 reasons why your virtual friends are better than your real ones

10 Reasons Why Your Virtual Friends are Better Than Your Real Ones

1. Clothing Optional “Frandz coming? MUST FIND PANTS” is something you will never have to say again. Even if you have desensitized your human comrades to the sight of exposed buttcheeks (they need air to feel alive OKAY), there’s something rare and precious about having a blog comments war over who is the most talented…

The internet’s role in rational development: why sheltering young minds only weakens them

The Internet’s Role in Rational Development: Why Sheltering Young Minds Only Weakens Them

After the smartphone matured and exploded in popularity, it wasn’t long at all before most teenagers had practically unlimited access to information at any time. Now that it seems like the same can be said of children not even close to their teens—with forgoing that kind of immediate connectivity seen as peculiar—the calls for regulation…

Better web surfing with

Discovery Made Easy StumbleUpon is a ‘discovery engine’; it is a web based service which brings whole new meaning to ‘surfing the net’. If you enjoy surfing the web and wasting time on your computer, you might have already discovered and experienced StumbleUpon is essentially what kept me awake for 4 years during University lectures….

Geek Insider Exclusive Interview – Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search, Bing

Geek Insider would like to thank Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Bing, for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We would also like to thank Phil Butler for coordinating the interview. ***********Begin Interview Transcript*********** Geek Insider: Firstly, the versatility of the Photosynth samples I’ve seen is very impressive….