Innovative Ways to Start Using AR

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Augmented reality is a way of imposing a virtual world onto the real world. Using AR devices, anyone can see more information and details about the world around them, not just what is actually there. This provides tons of opportunity, and just about any type of industry can start to take advantage of AR using the following unique ideas.

NFTs and Artwork

Want to showcase artwork or make a sale online? It’s possible to create a gallery in the metaverse right now. Add AR onto this to make it easy for people to check out the prices of artwork, learn more about the history of the art, and more. The right setup can help boost NFT sales for anyone.

Retail Stores

Imagine sitting at home and deciding to buy a new sofa. It’s no longer necessary to try to visualize how everything will look. Instead, with AR, the sofa can actually be placed in the room virtually, giving customers a better idea of how it will look if they buy it. This isn’t limited to just furniture – AR can be used by almost any store for an enhanced shopping experience.


Training is something that can benefit a lot from AR. Someone in the medical field can use AR to get instructions and advice while training, so they don’t have to stop what they’re doing to look something up. This provides the opportunity for more hands-on experiences, which is useful throughout just about any industry. Training done with AR can be far more effective since it allows the person to try while reading more about what they’re doing.


Today’s warehouses are huge and house many different products. This means they can be a confusing maze of boxes, which can decrease productivity as workers may not know the best way to go or how to find the box they need. AR is being tested right now to help with logistics and speed up the picking process at warehouses. Glasses with AR can be used to help workers find boxes easier and take the best route to get the items.


Traveling is a huge industry, and that’s not likely to change. Yet, many people want to learn more about the places they’ll visit before they go. Instead of reading a book about it, AR can be used to help the person visualize what it’ll be like to be there. On top of this, while traveling, it’s possible to use AR to learn more about the place. When walking down the street, AR can be used to learn more about the buildings nearby or to get directions without having to stare at a phone and miss everything that’s happening.


Innovative ways to provide education to young children are always needed to help them learn, grow, and thrive. AR offers a new way to help kids learn, and there are already a lot of AR classroom tools available. Teachers can build lesson plans around the AR tools, giving kids a new way to learn and helping them get a chance to experience what they’re learning about in class.

Augmented reality is new, but it already has a lot to offer. Just about any industry can benefit from AR, not just the ones listed here. With AR in place and improving drastically, far more people will start to take advantage of the possibilities for their own needs or the needs of their business.

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