iMind: Video Conferencing for Business with Comfort and Taste

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, imind: video conferencing for business with comfort and taste, business

To use video conferencing, you don’t have to master some specific knowledge nowadays. Everything is made so that you can manage the tools from a couple of minutes to (maximum) a couple of hours. But there are still some slight differences between the platforms and apps. So, why is iMind one of the most comfortable platforms to hold your business with all the modern requirements?

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, imind: video conferencing for business with comfort and taste, business

iMind advantages

The iMind solution has been working for a long time now, and now it looks entirely different from what it was at the beginning. Today, it offers many options for seamless workflow organization and provides the best ground for it. Among the core features, you’ll find:

  • ease of use – any user can easily manage to create and join the conferences;
  • helpful information exchange features – concurrent screen display, meeting recording;
  • comfortable sound settings – elimination of background noise, defining the volume of participants;
  • high-quality video – from SD to HD;
  • the versatility of use from various devices – use it with your browser on a PC or download the app for your smartphone.

Some features are available with extended opportunities depending on a chosen plan. 

Free plan features

Free usage meets well the requirements of freelancers or people who want to get to know the app better before buying a paid plan. It offers baseline functionality allowing to perform easy tasks:

  • “free” means no trial — it is available for no charge forever;
  • creating multiple rooms, a user can use up to 10 URLs for one account;
  • for crowded conferences, the limit is a hundred people to invite;
  • call recording is unlimited in duration per video;
  • records are stored in a cloud, where a user can preview, share, and download them;
  • the limit for one meeting duration is 24 hours.

The baseline functions of iMind help people realize their tasks with the minimum issues. But for more advanced requirements, there are three more plans to pay attention to.

Why is it worth choosing a paid option?

Chargeable options provide ample room for business purposes. It suggests:

  • collective meeting room management – it can be helpful in collective leadership or collaboration;
  • branding – is another method to enhance brand awareness and is even more helpful for self-presentation when inviting your prospects to the meetings;
  • custom subdomain – serves the same purpose as the previous feature and also allows not take care of taken room names;
  • online chat – another communication channel to use as a part of an integrated system;
  • advanced customer service providing the more prioritized service, the higher plan you use;
  • extended limits – reasonably sufficient for every plan.

More detailed information about the functionality and relevant prices you’ll find on the website. 

The iMind video conferencing platform is one of the best solutions, according to the 2022 reviews (G2 service). It corresponds to the modern demand for visual presentation and formatting. At the same time, it holds a high-quality level of how the platform works. Such a balance deserves appreciation, so if you’re choosing a solution for work or personal needs – try and see!

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