How to turn off the “sign in with google” prompt on websites

How to Turn Off the “Sign in with Google” Prompt on Websites

The “Sign in with Google” prompt appears to help you sign in to websites. However, you can permanently disable this prompt if you’re sick of it. Read on to learn how. It’s worth noting that the prompt is not tied to a specific browser but to your account. Therefore, the only way to disable it…

How to show or hide recommended list in start menu on windows 11

How To Show or Hide Recommended List in Start Menu on Windows 11

The default Start menu in Windows 11 includes a recommended list section showing all the recently opened apps and files. However, you have control over whether the menu should show these apps or not. At times, you don’t want other people to see the apps you visited recently, so you need to learn all the…

Windows 11 lets you move the taskbar to the left or right, but it’s broken

Windows 11 Lets You Move the Taskbar to the Left or Right, But It’s Broken

Windows 11 users started complaining about the inability to move the taskbar late last year. It has become a hassle to move your taskbar on either side of the screen. However, the function is now possible, albeit through a registry hack. So, now you are free to move the taskbar even at the top of…

How to remove a credit card from your amazon account

How To Remove A Credit Card From Your Amazon Account

Having an Amazon account is one convenient way to transact online, but the overall experience of managing the account can be somewhat overwhelming. The site has numerous functions and links that you need to maneuver to complete most tasks. This guide will help you remove your Credit card from your Amazon account desktop and Mobile….

Built-in google games to play when you lose internet access

Built-In Google Games to Play When You Lose Internet Access

You can do numerous things with your phone when you have no internet connection. One of these things is gaming. Yes, you can play various games on your smartphone without the need for pre-installed apps. Below are eight free Google games that you can play to kill time when the internet is down. Note that…