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How To Use An Electric Dab Rig

An electric dab rig is different from the traditional one because of its simplicity. It typically involves the use of electricity instead of using an external source of heat. The traditional one consists of the use of a torch to hit the nail. It’s also an excellent alternative to dabbing. However, it requires you to constantly use the torch anytime the heat reduces, which can be tiring. The electric type is one of the latest editions for dabbing equipment. 

It’s considered one of the best rigs and is preferred due to its ability to offer more control and ensure consistent temperature output after each hit. However, before using this rig, you must first read a manual to learn about its features and how to operate it. You’ll understand what to do to make its use efficient and safe. You can also watch tutorials from reliable sites to quickly overview how to use it. 

With that in mind, consider the following guidelines on how to use an electric dab rig: 

Electric Dab Rig Supplies 

Before using the electric dab rig, you must know what supplies you’ll need. These include the following:

  • Dabbing device
  • E-Nail
  • Plug 
  • Concentrate
  • Bowls of water

Steps Of Using The Electric Dab Rig 

After you’ve gathered all of your supplies, you should know the stages involved in using these dab rigs. It’s the only way to avoid burning yourself or misusing the equipment. Remember that achieving the desired taste depends on following the steps correctly. It is possible to learn the ideal temperature ranges to work in. Follow these easy steps to start dabbing with an electric rig:

Step 1: Set Up Your Dabbing Space

Before you use this electric dab rig, you must set up the space you’d like to use. Once you’ve organized the space, ensure it is level to prevent your dab rig from toppling over. This could lead to the damage of your equipment or the waste of all the products intended for consumption. Additionally, the space you’re using should be spotless. No combustible materials should be present because they could ignite the concentrate and cause burns.

Step 2: Check If You Have All The Devices

After you’ve set up your dabbing area, double-check that you have all of the necessary dabbing tools. Then, you should check that the gadget is fully charged and that there is power wherever you are. Lastly, ensure to check that everything is clean before using the concentrate because you don’t want any goods to react with it once it’s ready to use.

Step 3: Put Water In The Chamber

At this point, you should begin filling the dab rig chamber with water. You can test its sufficiency by blowing the water. You should be able to see bubbles, but if it splashes on your face, you should pour some out.

Step 3: Remove The Top Of Your E-nail

This is where you’ll place the top inside the coil before reattaching it. Then attach your nail to the dab rig and ensure you’ve secured it safely.

Step 4: Plug Your Device And Attach The Coil 

At this stage, you should turn on your device. Once turned on, you have complete control over the temperature. If you’re a first-time user, you can take your time while trying to find the right temperature. Thus, begin at a low temperature and gradually increase it until you achieve balance.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how to use an electric dab rig, living

Step 5: Have Your Dab Tool Ready

When taking a hit through the mouthpiece, use your dab tool to place the desired quantity of concentrate on the nail. And while inhaling, cover the nail area with a carb cap. You can keep doing this until your dabbing sessions are over.

Maintenance Of The Electric Dab Rig

After you’re done using the electric dab rig you must know how to take care of it because there may be some residue left in it. If it is not removed, it may become a breeding ground for bacteria or mold growth causing health concerns for you. 

Thus, regular cleaning is required. It would be best to clean it after each use. To clean it to perfection, you should have the right cleaning supplies, such as isopropyl alcohol, resealable zipper bags, salt, and cotton swabs. Alternatively, you can also use readily available supplies you have at home like vinegar, baking powder, lemon, and salt. For thorough cleaning, you can soak the dab rig for an extended time.


Using an electric dab rig is a simple procedure. It’s also safe for use compared to lighting a torch. Therefore, consider taking the necessary steps mentioned above before you can start using it. In the long run, you’ll have the least amount of difficulty using it.

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    Thanks for listing this basic way of using dab rigs. Being new to all these products, it really gets confusing sometimes.