How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on iPhone

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Turning off the camera sound is something you want to do, especially when in a quiet environment or when you don’t want to attract much attention. The sound doesn’t add much value unless you want other people to notice that you are taking photos. Below are five ways to turn off the camera sound on your iPhone.

  1. Flip the Silent Switch

Flipping the mute switch on the side of your iPhone is the easiest way to turn off the camera sound. Every iPhone has this switch at the top of the volume key. The key turns your phone into silent mode, meaning it will be muted even for incoming calls and messages. When in silent mode, the switch moves away from the device screen and will display an orange color beneath it.

  1. Capture Live Photos

iPhone 6 and later versions can capture live photos comprising a few seconds of video and sound before and after the picture. The iPhone doesn’t play the camera sound in this mode as it would ruin the audio on a live photo. 

To enable Live Photos, open your camera app and locate the icon resembling a sliced circle. Tap on the icon to remove the slash, and Live Photos are now enabled. Unfortunately, the method may not turn off the camera sound for screenshots.

  1. Reduce iPhone Volume

When you manually lower your device’s volume, it silences the camera’s sound as well. Adjust the volume through the buttons on the side of your iPhone before you start the camera app. Turning down the iPhone volume will mute the camera and screenshot sound effects.

  1. Take Pictures Through Video

Another way to silently take a picture on your iPhone is through recording a video. Simply open your camera app and start recording a video. Note that the camera app plays a slight sound when starting or stopping the recording. However, the sound is not as annoying as the shutter sound. While the video is running, a white shutter button will appear beside the red “Record” button. Tap the white button to take a photo of the current frame. The video recorder doesn’t make any sound when you take a picture in between. 

  1. Connect Headphones

Whenever you connect your headphones to your iPhone, all sounds will play through the gadgets. When taking photos, you can use this mechanism to prevent the loud shutter sound from going public. You’ll hear the camera sound through the headphones if you’ve set the right device volume. So, nobody else will hear the sound when you have a pair of earbuds laid around your neck.  

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