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How to Sell Laptops at High Prices

Laptops do not update as fast as smart phones. But many consumers will consider laptop for sale. And then they will buy a new one. People have used these laptops for four or five years. But as a precision electronic product, the recycling of notebook computers is not simple. 

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First, back up the data in the old notebook computer and then erase all personal privacy data. Consumers need to know how to remove all sensitive information before recycling notebooks. Consumers have logged into many online services using user accounts and passwords. Before recycling, people should ensure some points. These points include all confidential data. These data has been migrated to other notebooks or deleted from old notebooks. 

Second, after you complete the data backup, there are some point you should pay attention to. You should ensure that you have formatted the data in the old laptops. You should pay attention to formatting the partition first. Consumers need to use standard software to erase the data in the hard disk. If you have an Apple account, you need to cancel it. In this way, consumers will have the possibility to access these accounts in the new notebook. You can use the one-key restore function of the notebook computer to restore the factory settings. Then re-install the system and check the data one more time. If you are not at ease, you can format it one more time and re-install the system.

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Third, choose a regular recycling platform. Consumers can recycle notebooks to recycling companies. These companies focus on reuse or environmental protection. These companies will provide consumers with fast and convenient recycling services. They can ensure the laptops being recycled and reused in a safe place. 

Take the HONOR laptop as an example, you can find the official website on the Internet. After entering the official website, you can find the HONOR laptop. You can select the current old and new degree, usage, memory size, hard disk size and other parameters. The system will give the latest estimated price under the current market situation. Consumers may think the price is right and the recycling method is convenient. Then they can submit a recycling order on the Internet. Then they will wait for professional staff to come to pick up the old notebook computer. They can verify the product’s condition for quality inspection. The inspection is qualified and the product’s condition is consistent with the description. So the actual price is the same as the estimated price. And the payment is fast. 

If you want to sell a suitable price, you need to look at the quality of the notebook. The estimated recycling price on the official website can help consumers. If you don’t want to sell on the official website, you can contact other recycling or private transactions. So you must pay attention to the removal of data and personal privacy data before selling. 

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