How To Select The Best Dab Tools?

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Need to extract cannabis but cannot find the right tool? You cannot use any random tool because these extracts are sticky and messy. That is why having appropriate dab tools is essential. Not just for beginners, even if you are experienced, these tools can make a difference in your smoking.

A dab tool features a simple design. However, sometimes dabbing devices can be complex as far as the design goes. Regardless of whether you want to dab shatters, crumbles, sauce or crystals, a dab tool is what you need.

If you want to know about these tools and how they impact your smoking experience, here is the information. 

What is a Dab Tool?

A dab tool is also known as a ‘dabber’. It is a small (usually) handheld wand-like tool. It would be good if you had a dab tool to safely get your dab from the container to your hot nail or a portable vape pen. Dabbers vary in shape, size, and functionalities in dabbing different types of concentrations. Using a dab tool is the closest way to dose and apply dabs without getting messy. These tools are made up of various components and are better than your handmade tools.

Before knowing the best dab tool for you, you should inquire about the following aspects. 

Do you dab often?

This question is most crucial because it will determine what type of dab tool you need and the material it should be made of. The frequency you dab will affect the longevity of your dabbing tool. So, if you love to dab frequently, do not go for a glass dabber. The best option for you will be a stainless steel dabber or a titanium one. Those two are easily the better and more durable option for frequent dabbers.

What is your favorite concentrate?

The design you choose for your dab tool depends on the concentrate you usually use. There is nothing like a one-for-all dab tool. That is why you should make sure about your favorite types of concentrates. Having the right tip and size is somewhat important. So, if you use various kinds at different times, you need several tips. Sometimes, a double-ended dab tool also works for such users.

Which flavors are you fond of?

Like some people are incredibly picky about the various flavors of THC Oil, the same goes for concentrates. So, what type of user are you? Are you serious and a big fan of flavors? Or, are you not that hyper when it comes to flavors? 

Asking these questions is especially important because the dab tool’s materials can impact that. How? If you want to get the purest and the rawest flavors, then definitely go for a glass, ceramic, or quartz tool. Unlike stainless steel or titanium tools, these will not give an annoying metallic aftertaste.

What is your budget?

The budget factor is always important to figure out beforehand. It can make a lot of difference to the product you buy, especially in the dabbing market. If you are looking for the cheapest buys, you should go for stainless steel tools. Also, it is the most widely available dab tool out there. Buying a titanium or ceramic dab tool can be a bit on the costlier side. Nevertheless, they are usually the more long-lasting ones.

What are the different styles and designs of tools for dabbing?

You probably have already got an idea that there are different designs and styles of dab tools. Each one has a definite purpose that helps to dab out the different types of concentrates. Here are some of the most general ones that you can find in the market.

  • Scoop

As the name suggests, Scoop tools work amazingly for sticky concentrates like waxes, budders, crumbles, etc. Besides that, you can also use a Scoop tool for isolates such as crystalline THCA or CBD. A good scoop can function more like a small spoon. So, that is how you can quickly shovel up a dab and get it on the nail. Sometimes, Scoop tools also have these blade-like things at their top. It helps you cut through solid concentrates more easily. 

  • Blades and Paddles

Blades and paddles are incredibly versatile in their functionalities. On the one hand, they have a scoop, while on the other hand, they have a sharp edge. You can easily slice through thicker concentrates and scoop them out using this tool. Moreover, paddles also do fine for dense materials that are gooey and solid.

  • Glass Tools

You can make custom glass dab tools if you know any company that manufactures them properly. Glass tools look aesthetically pleasing and are easy to clean. However, unlike metal tools, they are not durable and are less functional. While handling specific concentrates becomes difficult with glass tools, they are suitable for sticky stuff like sugar or resin. 

  • Tool and Carb Cap combo

If you want to control airflow while you are dabbing, you should get a carb cap. So, what is about this tool and carb cap combo? Simply put, the combo has a dabber and a carb cap on opposite ends. So, it is pretty convenient, you see. You can use one side to scoop up a dab and flip it over to cap your dab. In that way, you do not need to hunt for a separate one.

  • The Pick

Do you have isolates like wax and shatter? Or, do you need a dab tool for stickier stuff? Well, choosing pick ends is going to be the best then. These types of dab tools work perfectly with such concentrates.


The hunt for tools for dabbing never ends unless you create an arsenal of different types of such tools. Also, if you are still confused about what tool is right for you, you can go for a complete kit. A kit has a wand with different parts that are attachable to it. So, in that way, you can have all the options you need whenever you need them. 

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