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How to Pass Amazon Onsite Interviews and Assessments

by Matt
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Job interviews and company-specific assessments are the achilles heels of many job hunters today.

While not predominant, this is the norm for many corporations, and Amazon is no exception. In fact, it is one of the many organizations out there that has its own pre-employment test of sorts that has been designed to suit its specific needs.

This means that whether you’re applying for an entry-level position or something in upper management like supervisory, managerial, or administrative, no matter how good your resume is and no matter how much experience you have, you will still have to take the Amazon online assessment.

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Casually known as the Amazon test as it is utilized in the hiring process of the company, this is employed early on so that incompatible applicants can easily be filtered out while those who show potential will be given priority or preference.

By this point, it goes without saying that the higher your score is at the Amazon assessment, the better your chances are of being hired.

While it may be difficult at first glance, the Amazon online assessment is just that: a test.

This means that with good preparation, not only will you be able to overcome it, but you will also prop yourself up as the prime candidate for the position that you want.

Let’s take a good look at a number of good tips and practices on how to pass the Amazon onsite interviews and assessments.

  1. Sharpen your basic cognitive skills

One of the first things that the Amazon test wants to confirm is that you meet the minimum requirements for cognitive skills for each employee.

This means that they have to test your verbal, numerical, and logical skills in order to see if you can perform basic tasks within the quality that’s expected of an Amazon employee.

This may seem like a ‘˜freebie’, but you would not believe how many applicants get turned away or skipped over for another because they missed a few points in one of the tests.

Such tests will be deployed to you through the Amazon online assessment system, meaning you’ll be able to answer it at the convenience of your own home.

So be sure to sharpen your reading/grammar skills, calculation, and formal logic skills so that you don’t accidentally shoot down your chances of being hired just because you were a few points below another applicant!

  1. Demonstrate how prepared you are for your dream job

When you’re invited to the onsite interview of the Amazon assessment, on top of the normal interview questions that you can expect in every job application, you will have to go through a work simulation of sorts to prove that you are capable of handling the job that you are applying for.

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Some questions or scenarios will involve actual tasks that are related to your role but others will revolve around you having to deal with a situation, conflict, problem, or misunderstanding that is very likely to occur in the workplace.

In a sense, the panelists or evaluators will measure how well you can handle yourself in events that regularly happen in your preferred job position.

  1. Show that you are compatible with your job position

For many positions, especially those in upper management, there will be a personality section to the Amazon assessment.

This will come in the form of a survey-type personality test format where you will encounter numerous statements to which you need to state your level of agreement or disagreement with.

These statements have hard-coded traits or skills linked to them, and depending on your answering style, you will either prove that you are the best person for the job or someone that has barely any compatibility despite how good your resume looks.

This means that if the position that you are aiming for has a lot of interactions with other people, focusing on statements that show your sociability and interpersonal skills would be your priority. On the other hand, some positions will require you to show how good your analytical skills are.

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It should be noted, however, that while you are free to answer in the extreme in all questions, doing so for the majority of the personality test can invalidate your profile as doing so will cause the system to think that you are purposefully manipulating your answers.

By answering ‘highly agree’ to all of the statements carrying positive traits while ‘highly disagree’ to those that show negative ones, you are not showing what your personality looks like, only that you are someone that is willing to falsify their input well in a desperate attempt to land a job.

In short, if they cannot trust you this early in the hiring process, then why should they be confident in your actions as an employee?

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